Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Do Not Ask For Whom the Ball Drops

I would like to hear a round of applause for my husband, who has indeed finished painting the main living area of our house in time for our party on New Year's Day. As predicted, we are hanging up those curtains with the paint barely dry; but they will be up! And Larry has piled on even more marriage points. He's winning, folks!

After Larry put away all the painting paraphernalia (sp?), we spent some not-so-quality time hanging up all the pictures that have been lying around since we moved. I do not recommend this stressful exercise in togetherness unless either your marriage is solid as a rock or you and your spouse are both far too broke to even consider splitting up. By the time we were finished, Larry was drinking and I had to go to a neighbor's house to calm down.

This evening we went to our first ever New Year's Eve party. The whole family was invited, so we figured, hey, why not? That way Larry and I could spend the afternoon fighting over interior decorating instead of cooking dinner. We had to leave the party by 9:30, before any kids started crying; but unfortunately after some poor unfortunate asked us, "Do you both work?" and I immediately replied, "Yes - I work my butt off at home, and Larry works to bring in the money." You know that phrase shocked silence? I experienced it tonight. It's quite loud.

So, perhaps my response was a tad too snarky. After all, the question may actually have been a sort of compliment - maybe I looked professional, all dressed up as I was. Usually people don't even ask; they assume I'm a stay-at-home frump. I ran my theory by Larry, but he was pretending not to know me at that point. You'd think I'd embarrassed him or something. But that's okay - he embarrasses me all the time. I was just getting even.

Well, time to turn in so that I can get up bright and bushy-tailed - I need energy to yell at the kids all morning while I get ready for our party. Larry is a bit miffed that we have absolutely no idea how many people are showing up (a little, um, mistake on my part); so we need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. And I have to find the New Year's paper party goods I bought on sale in January 2006. They're around here somewhere.


  1. I haven't been to a New Year's Eve party in yeeeeeears! I think the last one was when I lived in Phoenix and went to the Fiesta Bowl block pary and got to watch the "chip" drop. (It's sponsored by Tostitos and this great big tortilla chip gets lowered in a giant bowl of salsa. It's fairly surreal.)

    Anyway, Happy New Year!

  2. I think that's a perfectly reasonable response. That's what I tend to say. Sometimes I also add that Chris's coworkers never pee on the floor. Or vomit on his shirt. Or require him to wipe their bums. So see, you could have been MUCH more snarky.

    Good luck with the party!!

  3. oh dear lord - quite loud? I am laughing myself silly. Sounds like something I might have said in a moment of agitation - or at least would have wished I said. Rock on professional mama.

  4. Mine is cleaning so I can get back to blogging for the New Year. yay husband points!!

    Happy New year!

  5. excellent response. I usually respond to that question similarly..."yep, I work every day around the clock. I sure do miss my lunch breaks though..."

    Have a great party!

  6. Happy New Year, to my favorite snarky house frau.

  7. Oh, this was funny! Great work! (oooh. An accidental pun!) Anyway. Hope your party went well! Happy New Year!

  8. I love that word "snarky"!

    I dread when we have to hang pictures! You should have see my husband's face when I had 8 photos of Italy that I wanted to hang in our rec room...all in a row, in a perfect, straight line. It was not a fun afternoon.

    Good luck with your party. God bless.

  9. Usually those people are just asking whether you have a job or not. Nobody with any sense doesn't think that staying at home is a lot of work. I did it once and about died. And that was one kid. ONE!

    It's just easier to say, I think.

  10. I never like when people ask "Do you work?" I answer with a smile, "No, I play all day with the eight kids."

    Happy New Year!

  11. New Year's Eve - hmmm, people go OUT on New Year's Eve? What a concept...

  12. Perfect response. PERFECT!!
    May I use it sometime?
    (along with amy's line about hubby's co-workers not requiring him to wipe their bums)

    New Years Eve is our anniversary, so we always go out someplace nice, and leave the kids with Grandma :0)
    Can't wait to hear about your party!

  13. Don't you love that, "Do you work?". Take it as a compliment!

    BTW, I tagged you.

  14. Ha! I hope you found your paper goods! I am sure the party was great. Can't wait to hear howm may people showed up. I figure if someone asks a question they need to be prepared for whatever response they get.

  15. We have lived in this house for seven (7) years, and I just can't get around to picture hanging. I dread it. If the Great Bulb Planting Fiasco of 2007 is any indication, my marriage can't handle anything remotely like it again... especially with one of us holding a hammer. No. Way.

    Your response was really good. I wonder how people could better word that question. I think most folks are just making conversation, and don't mean that being "at home" isn't work, but aren't thinking how it feels to be on the other side of the question.

    Maybe, "what do you do?" Or maybe "do you commute to work?" Hm. Will think about it. Clearly people need help with this one :).

  16. What the heck is he embarrassed about? Glad you got hte pictures hung and hope you don't have one picture overlapping another or anything like that...