Monday, January 21, 2008

Heaven, I'm In Heaven....

I had grand plans for this blog today; but first Larry had to hook up the new CPU and install all the virus software and then sit at the keyboard muttering "Crap" to himself periodically for hours and hours and hours. And now I've forgotten what I had wanted to write. I'm sure it was brilliant, too.

So instead let me sing the praises of a large computer screen, one big enough that I don't have to constantly scroll down to read a single paragraph; and also the praises of an up-to-date computer mouse with that little roll thingie on top, so that when I do have to scroll down, I don't have to go click-click-click-click forever. And best of all, let me extol the virtues of a computer with enough power that I can click on 2 pages in succession without freezing the whole thing up for 15 minutes.

Yes, we've been roughing it here with our antiquated 2001 computer; but it was almost worth it so that we could appreciate what everyone else takes for granted - the ability to surf more than 5 pages an hour on the web.

Oh, and while I was exclaiming over the improved visibility available on our 19-inch screen, Larry boasted, "I have 2 28-inch ones at work, you know." I think it's a guy thing.

I took Anna to see Juno today. We met a friend of mine and her daughter there, and of course the girls chose to sit far away from us in the theater. But that's okay, because if they had been nearby, I would have been embarrassed as heck. Really. And you know how a trite movie review will say, "I laughed, I cried" about a film? Well, I laughed. I cried. I'm surprised my friend didn't move elsewhere also. It was a great movie. Go see it. Now.

And judging by the comments from the last post, I'm guessing that none of you have ever seen Operation Petticoat. You need to go to Netflix immediately and put it at the top of your queue. I forget who is in it, but it's someone famous. Wait, I just checked. Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. Go. You won't be sorry.

I'm feeling bossy tonight.

And a final word of caution to you menfolk out there: don't be tempted by Petticoat Planet, which appears on the same search page as Operation Petticoat - it looks pretty trashy. How trashy? Here's the synopsis - Steve Rogers, a blue collar space jockey, crash lands his corroding craft onto a desert planet. But his luck is about to change when he finds himself to be the only man in a wild western town inhabited by beautiful whiskey drinkin' women. I wonder whether those whiskey drinkin' women care what size his screen is.


  1. I reaaaallly want to see Juno! I've heard it is excellent. But knowing us, we won't get around to actually getting to a movie theater, which requires a babysitter, and will wait until it comes out on dvd.

  2. Congratulations on the 19" screen! (As for Larry, I guess I'd ask, if his screen's so big, why does he need two of 'em?)

    I've heard nothing but good about JUNO -- Amy Welborn liked it, too -- so you've helped me make up my mind to take Beastie to go see it tomorrow. Especially since your imperative regarding OPERATION PETTICOAT reveals that you have very refined taste in cinema indeed.

  3. I just have to see Juno! I keep hearing from everyone how wonderful it was...

  4. Good Lord, woman, you deserve an award for putting up with that old computer and its deep freezes. Isn't it reassuring when you hear "Crap" muttered when you are so excited about your new toy? Glad you are up to speed. (And I have seen Operation Petticoat - a long time ago.)

  5. I must see Juno. I keep hearing great things about it. But I am sure I won't see it until it comes out on video because I am 1. slow and 2. lame.

    Glad you got your new computer! I am still patiently waiting for my laptop to be returned to me, for the 2nd time. Hopefully this time it will truly be fixed and not smell like it's on fire.

  6. Remember vaguely seeing Operation Petticoat and the pink sub.

    Congrats on the new screen.

  7. Hey, Happy New Computer! Hope everything's installed and running smoothly now.

    I guess I'll be putting Juno on the list then - since you're being bossy, and all...


  8. Juno sounded really good, I might have to actually make it to a theater. So happy for your repaired computer.

  9. I'm dying to go see Juno! Congrats on the new computer!

  10. Saw Juno on Friday - LOVED IT!

  11. I'm so glad you've got your computer issues taken care of! But why on earth would Larry mock your pain by declaring his two 28 inchers? I will never understand men.

  12. I went and saw Juno with my sister the night it came out in theatres. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. I went and saw it again a week later with my mom.
    Hooray for the new computer!

  13. Enjoy your new computer!

  14. Juno is one of the only movies where I actually cried more while walking out of the theatre than I did during the movie itself. The thought of Juno's tear-stained face kept coming back to me and making me sob.



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