Friday, January 18, 2008

Spending Spree

I had a nightmare last night, all about a pair of giant rats (that could talk) that were chasing me and trying to bite me...I really do seem to have rodents on the brain these days. I woke up terrified. If I had heard those stupid mice scrabbling in the wall at that point, I probably would have jumped out the window.

Something about Larry being away makes me want to spend money online. Not much, just a few books at Amazon say, and maybe a set or two of bamboo needles and some yarn at Knitpicks, and after that maybe I'll mosey on over to some homeschooling sites and pick out fun learning tools we don't really need.....just a little something each night to help me forget that I am stuck here with 6 kids, 2 of whom are teenagers who will never, ever be as boring or pathetic as I am.

My credit card doesn't leave me alone with the kids. My credit card loves me....

Of course, the most important news around here is that it is finally snowing - so the kids had a great time outside today, which means I had a great time inside not being bothered by my precious offspring. And when they did come in, I was rejuvenated enough by my time alone to cheerfully serve them homemade hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows floating on the top. And isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

I made sure to make the teens do a lot of shoveling. It's good for them. Strength through suffering.

Larry is still not home. Time to go fondle my credit card again. It misses me....


  1. Yep. I do the same. Last time hubby left on business however I ordered the designer drapes for the living room I wanted but he said we couldn't afford.

    I put that little gold card right up to its limit! :)

    A girl's gotta have some fun.

  2. Wow, is that what you women do when we're away on business? Cripes. I've got to put a password on the computer ...

  3. Cocoa with mini-marshmallows?Suburban, you're starting to sound like a good mother! Don't scare me!

    Heidi :)

  4. family adventure - I have my moments...

    dorky dad - "Cripes" is right. You wanna play, you gotta pay.

  5. I say it's only what's to be expected. I mean, stuck at home with the kids and no adult conversation, what is a mom to do but turn to retail therapy?

    Um, Dorky Dad, the answer would be to make things exciting. Like TAKE THE WIFE ALONG. Or always bring her back something fantabulous. Teach her to look forward to trips, not dread them.

  6. My husband will be gone all next week and I am already trying to decide what I want to buy!

    You know what they say..."while the cat's away the..." Oops! Guess you don't want to hear the rest of that!

  7. I THINK my credit card loves me until it betrays me come month's end...

  8. Oh my husband doesn't even have to leave town for me to do that to my credit card. I do it while I am at work and he is never the wiser. *insert evil laugh here* >:-)

  9. I like it when the packages come, that's the best part!

  10. Make it soooo expensive, he'll never leave home again.

    I'm thinking...cashmier sweater...godiva chocolates....and some techno goodie....

    Wait. You had hot chocolate and you didn't invite us? No fair.

    Memo to Dorky Dad: There's always the phone number and catalogs....

  11. haha now the one time I could have done with a link (to a lovely photo of a steaming mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows) you let me down!

    I am starting to get won over re the links by the way!! Softening, mellowing every so slightly - bit like a marshmallow really!

    Hope you didn't overdo it on the card.

  12. My mom's addicted to Coldwater Creek. Your addiction is much healthier because books educate minds and broaden horizons. Coldwater Creek wants to fill the world with matronly floral skirts and matching embroidered jackets. That just seems wrong to me.

    Hey, we have 6 kids too! Hey, we homeschool too! Hey, they're all driving me freakin crazy too! Hey, we have so much in common!

  13. Snow + Shovel + Teenager = Too tired to whine and complain. And you've been tagged!

  14. I heartily support the credit card method of dealing with the Absent Husband. It's WORK travel, right? So, duh, he's earning money to pay the credit card company. Mine's traveling the last week of the month. Hmmm, what do I want....?!

  15. A homeschooler can NEVER have too many educational tools. And if they do, they can usually get a fairly decent price for them on Ebay.

  16. jodi-mother of sixJanuary 18, 2008

    Dorky dad...just deal with it!

  17. Ooooh, my hubby's gone too... maybe THAT will get me out of my funk... *rummaging through the abyss she calls her purse*

  18. When my husband leaves, I rent movies he doesn't want to rent but I do, and eat food he doesn't like, but I do. It makes it funner!

  19. I get so pissed when the UPS guy comes and it's not for me.

    Just got back from running the kids around a playspace - I. am. spent. Time to make dinner...and maybe Andy will want to fool around tonight.

    Why am I driveling this all over your comments? Sorry. Cabin fever.



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