Monday, April 26, 2010

Happiness Is...

...winning a jar of chocolate. Our credit union sponsored a guess-how-many-chocolate-balls-in-the-jar contest, and Brian won. Oh, to be 10 again! At that age, what better thing could possibly happen (particularly since a 50-dollar bill was included in the jar)? Lego money and candy - his happiness is complete.

Feel free to guess the magic number. We've only eaten a few of them. I have to supervise the Uncle Matt poker game in the kitchen - the kids are playing with M&M's instead of chips, and Susie is crying (albeit with a full mouth) because her winnings are "gone."


  1. I'm guessing that there were originally 540 but now you are closer to 500 chocolate balls. Did Brian get extra-credit for winning them? Statistics or probability or some such thing...

    I'm glad Uncle Matt is there to impart such knowledge to the kids. Playing cards definitely counts for Math credits.

  2. Laura's guess in 1203. She would like to know how many you'd be willing to share. :-)

  3. I really suck at that sort of thing, so I won't guess because my guess would be something blonde like 50,000. I will say though, forget the $50, I just want to eat all that candy!

  4. 400. Buck up, Susie. That's poker.

  5. That sort of thing that made Susie cry used to happen to me.. except during drinking games in college.
    336 (I used mathematical skills and counting with my fingers on the computer screen)

  6. I won't venture a guess, and how cool about the hidden fifty bucks!!

  7. 607--And i'm sure it's nowhere that, because I am terrible at these type of problems.

  8. Can I just take the over/under bet. I'd say it's more than 3 and less than 3000.

    What do I win?

  9. I have NO idea, but I'll guess anyway: 386.

  10. 472.

    Wonder how the American Girls will deal with the change in chips.

  11. 315?

    I want the 50 bucks if I'm closest. NO?NO?NO?


  12. That is too cool for him to win!
    I'm guessing 257.
    And I'm guessing Uncle Matt STOLE Susie's poker winnings--that poor chocolate-stained girl!



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