Thursday, April 29, 2010

Further Proof We're In The End Times...

This just in...

...the Cub Scouts are offering merit awards for playing video games. That's right - developing an expertise in Xbox 360 and PlayStation is taking its not-so-rightful place beside such time-honored skills as fire-building, canoeing, hiking, and orienteering.

Talk about lowering the bar! What's next? A texting-your-friends patch for the Girl Scouts?

Sheesh! Kids these days...

[Photo credit: Boy Scout Heroes]


  1. I heard this this morning on the radio.

    I can't believe it.

    Who would've OK"d this???


  2. Are they offering one for Blogging? Are they? Are they?

  3. My youngest joined scouts because his friend told him it was all about camping and the outdoors. He will think this is as weird as I do.

  4. Well if they don't play their post apocalyptic x-box games then how are they going to know how to kill the zombies and mutant insect things when the time comes? It's just about being prepared.

  5. Wow. My son might still be in Boy Scouts if this were true a few years ago. But still--it is completely wrong.

  6. That rules my kids out. We own a WII.

  7. That is just plain nuts. What on earth? I bet many a Boy Scout is going to use that argument to get the latest gaming platform for Xmas... "But I need it for my badge!"

  8. My son will never get this badge. Poor bugger.

  9. I suppose it was only a matter of time. I have been waiting for them to have a few other badges like:

    Successfully putting the toilet seat down badge.

    Recapping the tooth paste badge.

    Not stuffing your stiff, dirty socks under your bed badge.

    I like to help Mom with the laundry badge.

  10. My brothers would have loved this one!

  11. That's stunning. That seems to go against the whole outdoor ethic of scouts. Maybe they're having a downturn in numbers and are hoping this will help pull people back in.....

  12. Wow. I'm glad that wasn't a possibility when my boys were in Scouts! Classes of '02 and '06; phew!



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