Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Heard It Here First

Peter Sagal? Call me. The What to Expect When You're Expecting joke you blithely tossed off this past weekend (in reference to George Washington's likely choice of library books) was already published (see Homemaker Man's comment on this post in my humble blog 2 days earlier).

I'm sure we can work something out. You wouldn't want Homemaker Man coming after you with his Zamboni.

[Disclaimer: I in no way know whether or not Homemaker Man actually resembles SpongeBob. For his wife's sake, I hope not.]

[Photo credit: LockerNerd]


We gots company! It's Grandpa's birthday, so he and Uncle Matt are here to celebrate with the young'uns. And I'm wondering what new skills Uncle Matt will teach Rachel that can be shared with her American-Girl-Doll playing friends....blackjack, maybe?


  1. No wonder that joke sounded familiar.

  2. Thank you for the shout out and the recognition and the links. It's my turn to be honored. You will be included in the
    suit I am bringing against Wait, Wait. I am suing for the right to have--when she's on--Paula Poundstone do the show via satellite from my house.

  3. We were listening, but I must have been out of the room when that joke was on.
    Glad to know they read your blog! ;)

  4. I think Sponge Bob is hot!

  5. Don't hide, your blog IS funny!

  6. Carlos Mencia will make it next

  7. I always regret falling behind on my blog reading...see what great stuff I miss?