Friday, April 09, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday: A Veritable Hodgepodge

Larry's back from his business trip. He brought me a present - a tin of chocolates shaped (a little too much) like sardines, each wrapped in silver foil marked with scales and one staring eye. My less-than-positive reaction disappointed him. "It's funny," he insisted. He reminds me of a 6-year-old boy puzzled as to why the girl he likes didn't appreciate the worms he dug up for her.


Larry brought me a pretty T-shirt, also. No pictures of dead fish on it, even...


The stinkbug population seems to have diminished. Which made it easier for me to explain to Larry where 400 dollars of his hard-earned money went to...


You folks are too nice - my Followers number shot up to 213. Thank you all. Now I can die happy.


Brian's birthday is tomorrow, and I just realized I forgot to make a cake. What sort of mother would do that? "Gee, honey, I'm sorry - I was so busy blogging I never got around to it." Poor kid....

I could buy a cake. I've never done that before. We've always had the dairy-allergy issue, but now Theo is away at school. Hmmmm.....this could open up a whole new world for me....


Baking for the kids used to be such fun. After 18 years, though? It loses its allure. Actually, after that amount of time, anything kitchen-related loses its allure. Including cleaning out the refrigerator, which explains why there haven't been any pictures of moldy food on this blog in a while. But never fear! With Auntie Kate arriving on Monday for a prolonged visit, I have no choice but to face the unface-able.


Ugh - there is an outsized centipede crawling on the wall. Make that you think Larry missed me enough not to mind my waking him up to take care of them?

More 7 Quick Takes at Conversion Diary - check them out! I like reading her, because she has scorpion issues. Makes my centipedes look rather tame, you know?


  1. You have a lot going on! Buy that cake AND eat that chocolate!

  2. I am positive he missed you at least that much. That is why I have cats. They are very big on controlling the bug population. Of course, the one that likes to eat them is also the one that insists on giving me French kisses...alas I think the creepy smooches are better than the creepy crawlies.

  3. Ice cream cakes are definitely the way to go. I don't know how to become a follower. How do you do it? I'd be happy to follow you!

  4. I have yet to bake a cake for one of the kids, so there you go. Hi Larry! We missed you! Those chocolates are adorable.

  5. Buy the cake. Buy whatever kind of cake he'd like. And thank your lucky stars that your birthday present for your son isn't going to be taking him to the House of Blues to see three metal bands play, for alas, that is my fate.

    (I used to love baking cakes for my kids, but right now, they're interested in fancy bakery cakes, so that's what I get them. Guilt-free.)

  6. A present from a business trip? Oh my you are blessed! Since our daughter was born the only person getting presents when my husband goes away is the apple of his eye - our little girl. Still, I'm not sure fish shaped chocolates would impress me either!

    How about cupcakes? Much easier than a large cake. I am a Martha Stewart cupcake fanatic!

  7. OOOh, Ice cream cakes. Is there any other choice???

  8. I tell myself I'm giving myself a break from the hard-core baking for a while, so I can really wow my grandkids.

  9. Happy Birthday, Brian!
    Welcome back, Larry!

    Buy the cake and call it a REALLY SPECIAL birthday cake. We won't mention that the stink bug population has diminished here, too... dozens to their watery grave and the rest apparently have flown the coop. But come fall, if my husband hasn't caulked the heck out of the house, I am calling in The Anti-Bug Man.

    Ha! Jenn mentioned GRANDKIDS!!
    And I'm wondering if Poppy will take ME to the House of Blues.

  10. I'm going to have to show up with my super-sized jug of Ortho Home Defense, honey. I'll get things squared away for you!
    Baking. Glad I'm not the only one who forgets to prep for those birthdays. Imagine my glee when B said he wanted to bring APPLES to class the day of his birthday this year...we'd JUST been to the orchard and I had about 20 minutes to pull together his birthday snack. Bad Mother.