Tuesday, April 06, 2010

From Bad To Worse

Due to our stinkbug invasion (and the unseasonably hot weather), I shut all the windows and turned on the air conditioning. Which idea worked just fine until...well...it didn't. The AC, running continually for the past 3 hours, hasn't managed to get the house below 80 degrees.

Hmmm...I could open the windows, but then I would have to deal with the stinkbugs. Suffocation? Or death by vile entomological creatures? Now, there's a Hobbesian choice for you...

And don't think that just because I closed the windows, I eradicated the stinkbug problem. Oh, no - I merely got them down to not-quite-manageable numbers. I had to spend an hour this evening removing the creepy creatures from the bedrooms of my crying children.

I hates them (the bugs, not the children). Where's a flamethrower when I need one?

Ants are still coming in, too. It's an entomological mosh pit in here. We're the party house of the insect world.

Are mosh pits still happening? Or was that reference just too 90's?

I'm losin' it, people. Totally. Tomorrow I am calling the pest guy and the air conditioning guy. I will throw money at them in an attempt to make all these problems go away. And Larry will not dare to leave me home alone again.


Speaking of the 90's, Larry and I missed all of Seinfeld. (Sorry, Suzy). If we were to rent them from Netflix, which seasons are the best ones to go with?

[Photo credit: Hixon Heating and Air]


  1. I would start at the beginning and keep going. I don't think there was one episode of Seinfeld that wasn't hysterical.

    Good luck with the bugs--I would not handle that well AT ALL.

  2. I gave a bag of my bugs to a pest peep yesterday, but they did not call me as promised today. My skin is crawling. And periodically, I vacuum up the swarmers that are coming out of my ceiling.

    I am a little freaked/annoyed/squeamish. I feel for you, I really do. And I feel a blog post coming on...I just need some closure first!

    As far as Seinfeld... It's all awesome.

  3. Don't squash the stinkbugs inside! Apparently, they release an odor (even if you can't smell it) that attracts other stinkbugs. We've been doing catch and release and so far (knock on wood) have been avoiding stinkbug flash mobs. See, there's a current cultural reference for you.

  4. We have zone ac, a window unit for every room. :) Until we have gutted and properly insulated the other 5 rooms, it would not be cost effective to have central air. Or so my cousin's hubby, a heating and air cionditioning tech, tells me.

    Poor Sam freaked out tonight, when a stink bug landed on him. Daddy killed it. My 14 yr old hates bugs and he has picked up on it. How can she hate buds, yet like camping and hiking, etc with her girl scout troup?

  5. We sent a couple of seasons of Seinfeld to my dh when he was deployed. Sing with me now: "Let's start at the very beginning.... It's a very good place to start..."

    I'm awake right now because of stinkbugs. I wasted an hour today trying to find a solution on the internet. And I'm a little bummed that you beat me to blogging about them this spring (that's for Friday's post).

  6. Yada, yada, yada. (that's the name of my all time favorite episode.) Unfortunately, that's the middle of season 8. Fortunately, they really are all good.

  7. I think there were a couple seasons when Larry David wasn't involved. You could skip those. I am hurting for you in regards to the bug invasion. However, this is what happens when Jews move to the South . . .

  8. Re: AC. Did you put in a new filter? I'm always late to the party, but thought I'd throw that out there in case it's all you need. Filters seem to have escalated in price beyond what I deem reasonable, but still so much cheaper than a service call.

  9. This post made me feel a little itchy. Good luck with the exterminator!

  10. The bug guy photo looks a lot like my carpet cleaning guy. Let's just say I like my carpets to be sparkly. Heehee.

  11. Man-oh-man. I miss your blog for two days, I come back, and you're overwhelmed with vermin! My greatest sympathies to you and yours. Maybe you can convince Rachel that she likes bugs. Maybe she can stuff and mount them?

  12. I just took you to 199! I was so sure I had already signed up as a follower, but apparently I was wrong. Glad you brought it up.

    You have my respect. If I had that many insects in my house I would have burned it down long ago. Or relocated to a hotel until the hubs took care of it once and for all. I'm no Ma Ingalls either.

    And pest control guys ARE hot. They wear uniforms after all...

  13. I am visiting from The Empress' blog. I liked your comment on her recent post. I'm glad your numbers got to well over 200.

    So Seinfeld, I agree with go from the beginning, although the first disk can be hard to get into since they're feeling their way. It's also SO early nineties at first. My husband and I got the disks because we miss NY (live in France now) and this is the best way for us to remember.