Sunday, April 18, 2010


Immersed as we are in our craft-fest this week, Auntie Kathy and I have still managed to come up for air long enough to feed the children. Or, more precisely, I have been pulling kitchen duty, while Auntie continues to toil away on sofa cushions, quilt blocks, and burp cloths. The way we look at it, I have a personal seamstress; and she gets a personal chef.

So! Tonight we all sat down to a delicious dinner of crockroast, mashed potatoes, and buttered green beans. Mid-meal, Auntie Kathy asked, "What cut of beef do you use in the crockpot, anyway?"

"It's a bottom round," I told her. "Chuck is too fatty, and other cuts are too lean." I resumed eating, unaware that Brian was sitting, his fork frozen halfway to his mouth, a quizzical look on his face.

"Who's Chuck?" he asked.

Poor kid - do you think I'm looking as sinister to him as this delicious picture of Helena Bonham Carter?

And should we make him watch the movie?


  1. It's not like you served Chuck, the fatty. He should be fine.

  2. You should see if you can get the Angela Lansbury stage version that was taped and shown on PBS years ago. Chuck isn't fatty, he's big-boned.

  3. Oh, that movie. I knew there would be blood, but not THAT much blood!

  4. As a child, I struggled every time my mother said she was cooking a rump roast. Bottom round sound eerily similar. Unfortunate names, no?

  5. Bwahahahaha - I just choked on my coffee.
    The dichotomy between the two images you chose made it even better.

  6. Oh, the last picture you chose was perfect!!!

  7. Hi Suburban! Back from vacation and I'm visiting all my pals instead of laundry.

    That, is hysterically priceless. And I was always grossed out, too, when as a child, my mom would say we were having rump roast.

  8. I HATE Sweeny Todd! Every version I have ever seen, from the local high school production to the movie to the Broadway revival a few years ago, to clips of Angela Lansbury on You Tube. Every version, ever!! Not even Johnny Depp can save this story/play/movie for me. Bad story, too much blood, ick, ick, ick!! Did I mention how much I hate Sweeny Todd?

  9. i want an auntie kathy...

  10. Hi!
    Visiting from TWC. And YOu ARE Funny. YES!
    kate in Michigan