Tuesday, May 08, 2018

There's Always Room For Jell-O

Hi! Today was special, in that I actually got to stay home most of the day and get things done around here. I planted the three tomato plants that Larry bought at the Farmer's Market on Saturday (in containers on my deck, that's as close as I get to gardening), added compost to all the planters that are awaiting basil plants, and weeded the front yard because it is being taken over by these weird prickly plants that I can only assume come from Mars:

Anyone know what this thing is? 

And THEN I went inside and emptied 2 of my kitchen cabinets - you  know, the two I couldn't really use anymore because they were full, so everything else gets left on the counter beneath them. But that also happens to be the counter in front of the microwave, so we have to move all the overflow items whenever we want to use that particular appliance. In other words, ALL THE TIME.

So I dove in and found any number of things to get rid of, such as 2 containers of coconut oil, which is sort of weird they were in there, because I don't use coconut oil for anything. I organized the spices that were in there and refilled my spice jars and marveled at the fact that I have 2 boxes of tapioca pudding mix that I haven't gotten around to using.

I LOVE tapioca pudding.

This here won the prize for having the oldest expiration date:

I swear, we don't eat lime Jell-O here. I have no idea why it was in my cabinet. I have actually been trying to see if I can spot it in this picture from 2012, where I'm demonstrating my neighbors' predilection for giving me all their food when they move. The Jell-O might be hiding under that little spice box with the green lid, right there in the center, I'm thinking.

So anyway, I threw that out, too, even though I think it is debatable whether or not Jell-O can actually expire. And now I am the proud owner of kitchen cabinets that have some extra space in them, space where I can stow the flotsam and jetsam that appears on my counters with alarming regularity.

Also? I found a small bag of (unexpired) mini Oreos as I cleaned. So I'd call this day a win, all the way around.


  1. Such a productive day! I love cleaning out kitchen cabinets. Of course I don't do it often enough. Although I do cringe when I find ancient stuff. Because the kitchen is not quite done, there are a few cabinets that I have not decided what I will store there. I have shoved an odd assortment of stuff. If I don't decide what purpose these cabinets have soon, I am afraid they will become 'weird' odds and ends.

  2. I really can't see how lime jello could possopos go bad. I mean worse. But hey, if it opens up space, sounds good to me!

  3. How did "possibly" turn into possopos?

    1. I don't know, but now it's my new favorite word!

  4. I think the plat is a thistle. Beautiful in bloom, but you’ll have problem with it when it seeds. Dig it out now. It’s the easiest time to do it. They can get 4’ tall.

  5. I read once that weeds are only plants whose virtues have not yet been discovered.
    That's a lie, says knittergran.

  6. Beth (A Moms Life)May 09, 2018

    This post reminds me of the good old days when you used to blog about what was in your refrigerator! You should really bring back that as a weekly feature!

  7. In a fit of "I can't take it anymore" I cleaned out the refrigerator for The Husband, I found some random condiments that no one in the house eats...all WELL past their expiration dates.

  8. It always amazes me that I can clean out my cabinets and find expired stuff that apparently I missed the previous time I cleaned out my cabinets. Does that even make sense???? And jello is always expired here! Have a cozy evening. : )

  9. I got a bunch of weird stuff when my friend moved across the country lol. I think I've tossed most of it now 3 years later.

  10. I'm pretty sure Jell-O doesn't go bad (the pudding kind might, but the gelatin? Nah) but hey, you found good stuff, so that's a definite win!
    As for the weird prickly weed, I don't know its name but we have them here, too. Do not try to pull them without thick gloves on your hands! Ouch.