Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Out With The Not-So-Old

Hey, Together Rising has put together a focused plan to help 60 immigrant children separated from their parents RIGHT NOW. If you'd like to learn more and perhaps donate, please click here. I'm a big fan of Glennon's from way back, because instead of just wringing her hands over the suffering in the world today (like, um, moi), she actually manages to do something about it. And, what's more, she makes us believe that we can do something about it, too, in the bargain.

I mean, seriously, I can't imagine anything else I could spend $25 on today that would make me feel as good as I did when I clicked on that DONATE button. Not even the chicken at Nando's...

I also feel good because I managed to tackle the junk corner of my bedroom this morning. You know, the corner between the dresser and the wall where stuff gets piled and you pretend you don't see it and after a while, you really don't? THAT corner?

Okay, maybe it's just me then.

Anyway, I pulled out all the junk (picture frames, empty baskets, and a very not-used feather duster that decided to shed all over the floor) and dusted and donated some frames and piled the rest elsewhere to deal with later. But, hey, that corner is empty!

See? Nothing there! (Just, uh, ignore
that pile on the dresser...)

And then I decided to get rid of the radio on Larry's nightstand - the one that looked really modern when I bought it for him way back in, I don't know, 2011, maybe? Our one electronic possession at that point was my iPod touch and this radio had a charging dock, so we felt REALLY tech savvy owning that thing.

Ah, memories...

No longer modern

I don't think either of us has used the radio in 3 years. I don't know why - I mean, I always used to turn on NPR in the morning when I was getting dressed or making the bed or whatever. I guess now I just look at Twitter. That's sad.

And we definitely don't use the alarm (can't remember how and we have our phones for that now). The clock isn't useful, because Larry always has books piled in front of it. So, yeah, it's a useless relic at this point. While I was at it, I removed the handset for our cordless phones, because we don't use those anymore either.

You know, I'm trying to think of one single thing that became superannuated in my parents' house while I was growing up. ONE THING. And I can't. Yet here we have treasured purchases (I'm telling you, that cordless phone with 4 - count them, FOUR - handsets was a pretty spiffy item back in 2009) becoming obsolete in under 10 years. It makes my head spin, and my kids can't understand why.

Gen Z'ers - all of them. Oh, well.

I also ended up going through my yarn stash a bit (this is the problem with storing my yarn in my bedroom - I can't clean the bedroom without getting distracted). I bagged up odds and ends to give away to the thrift store, and set aside a few (more select) skeins to pass on to knitterly friends.

Thrift store

The elite collection

Which of course makes room for MORE YARN. But don't tell that to Larry. I believe he thinks I'm cutting back when I give yarn away, when really all I'm doing is preparing to freshen my stash with some new purchases. Larry's innocence is pretty charming, right? It belongs to a simpler time, when radios with iPod docks were exciting and having a landline phone that wasn't tethered to a cord was the height of modernity.

And now I'm off to do something else useful - cook dinner maybe, or perhaps just find out what smells so bad in my kitchen. Or maybe I've done enough useful things today: cleaned out some junk, talked to a friend, helped mothers find their children...so maybe I'll just knit instead.

Gorgeous project bag made by a knitter friend,
because knitters are just so darn talented

Yup, I think I'll knit.


  1. It IS ridiculous how quickly things become outdated these days! And my lips are sealed regarding the yarn; we have to protect Larry's innocence.

  2. The rate of change can start to freak me out if I let it. The refugee crisis is at alarming levels. I guess we can all just do our little bit to help, and if enough of us do, then the drops in the bucket become a noticable flood. Here's hoping!

  3. Thanks for the link. It's tough to feel so powerless but this helps.

  4. I'm late to this post (was working and preparing to leave the country -- because every few months one needs to go to Canada and remember there are sane countries out there) but I'm wondering if it's too late to donate to the cause. Do you know?
    Good for you for decluttering!

  5. AnonymousJune 07, 2018

    Thanks for linking to power. I hate sitting on sidelines and prefer to DO SOMETHING, too.
    And nice decluttering!