Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Challenge Accepted

Remember yesterday? You know, when I crowed about finally getting around to cleaning out the junk corner (okay, ONE of the junk corners) in my bedroom? Remember this picture?


I had to drive Rachel to Civil Air Patrol last night and Larry was asleep before I got home, so I went to bed in the dark. And this morning, when I woke up? This is what I found:

Those are NOT my boxes.

Yup. We've talked about spousal sabotage before, haven't we? This may be yet another example of that. Or it could just be one more instance of Larry's sorta cute cluelessness - that's a definite possibility.

But either way, he has thrown down the gauntlet, as it were. THAT CORNER WILL BE EMPTY. I mean, unless I stumble upon a very inexpensive spinning wheel, of course...


  1. Oh hell no - that would make me INSANE! But then, I think that's the end goal when it comes to most husbands.

    Thanks for the reminder about spousal sabotage! I forgot how much I loved that post.

  2. That box would be on the front lawn stat.

  3. My husband complains about my so-called craft table having things stored on it, under it, and around it, but he is responsible for at least 50% of things ending up there. Off to read that link.