Sunday, May 06, 2018

Slam Dunk

I don't know where the days go anymore. I haven't been here since Wednesday? All I remember doing lately is messing with these things here:

Admit it - you wish you were me.

I have to place these in the drainpipes of about 50 houses, because our neighborhood is Mosquito Central in the summer months; these things, at least in theory, kill any larvae that have the temerity to hatch in those little pools of water that stay in the hosepipes extending from everyone's gutters. Once a month I get to do this, because our neighborhood split right down the middle on whether or not to pay someone to spray pesticides every 3 weeks to kill the mosquitoes and I swear, you haven't seen discord like that since the Civil War.

You know, everyone says they want to live in a close-knit community, but then reality sets in. Reality being other people, of course...

OMG, this is so boring. But then, so is my life right now, so at least I'm keeping things real, right? I do try to keep a list of interesting topics that pop into my head during the day; but when I go back and check my list (say, at a time such as this), I don't understand what the heck I wrote.

I'm sure this happened to Tolstoy a lot.

Oh, wait, there was Rachel's high school play and concession duty and the cast party last night and maybe that's why I'm so tired? I've also been knitting (WHAT A SURPRISE), but seeing as how all my projects are in various states of disrepair right now, I'm thinking I need a new hobby. You know, a hobby that isn't so disappointing all the time? I'm taking suggestions here.

Larry and I, despite being old and married and tired, actually managed to watch something TOGETHER on our TV this evening. It was that Netflix comedy special with John Mulaney, which started out mildly amusing and then became funny and then I literally fell off the couch trying not to choke on my own laughter. It had a sort of cumulative effect, is what I'm saying.

Watch it, okay? No, really, WATCH IT. And report back.


  1. Oh man, now I wish I had Netflix. I must see this comedy! I think everything I watch on TV is something I have seen before. Just watched Delores Claiborne with Tank and Mini. I wish I had been faster with the fast forward button towards the end when the dad character does something AWFUL. I don't remember all the parts of movies (obviously) which makes it enjoyable to re-watch good movies- except for the crappy dad character stuff. As far as neighborhoods go, my neighbors have starred in a few of my posts lately. Just nuts. Way to go in the war against mosquitoes.

  2. I laughed so hard that I did the writhing breathless laugh where you can't catch your breath from laughing so hard. The joy in his voice when he was talking about the Last Supper. Hilarious.

  3. Which John Mulaney one? There are three.

  4. Reporting back: I found John M. mildly entertaining for most of the show, but the Horse In The Hospital piece was an absolute riot. Also, the college bit.

    1. Yes, I'd say it started slowly but then gradually grew into a laughfest. I feel like it was almost a cumulative effect. For some reason, I completely lost it at the baby carriage - something in the way he told it, I think.

  5. You should hire out for mosquito patrol. It's an important service! I hope your neighbors appreciate you.
    No Netflix here but my dh and I finally watched CATS tonight. He brought the DVD home from the library (frugality wins). He is now glad he didn't fork out the money to fly to NYC and watch it before it left Broadway, since he thought it was boring and weird.