Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Look, We Tried

Take your kids camping, they said. Give them great family memories, they said.

I'll have you know that Susie and I were in Michael's the other day, browsing through the tchotchkes for sale, and she burst out laughing when she saw this:

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"That's RIDICULOUS!" she said, pointing at the front of the box.


"They're sitting around looking so HAPPY. We don't do that when WE'RE camping!"

Sigh. Out of the mouths of babes, people...out of the mouths of babes...


  1. My childhood memories weren't so stellar, either, but perhaps with time she might come around. Hang onto the hope.

  2. Maybe camping is just supposed to make the rest of your life look better in comparison?

  3. That brought a smile to my face!!!!
    Have a cozy day!

  4. My husband is always talking about wanting the whole family to go camping. I tell him that's why he and Peter do Boy Scouts - to get that out of his system.. I see no need to drag the whole house (minus running water and flushing toilets) into the woods to have fun! It sounds like Susie thinks like me!

  5. I spent summer vacations when I was a kid camping. My father got 5 weeks so we spent it all camping. I hate camping. My idea of the lowest standard of living that I will accept is a bottom tier hotel with a black and white tv.
    But I'm not doing that either. Five people in a travel trailer is no fun, at least that's my memory of it.
    I'm with Susie on this.

  6. Camping is not a word that is my vocabulary. Nor is it in The Husband's; thank God. Man-Child has voluntarily gone camping more than once, if I didn't know better I'd swear he was adopted....or maybe he was switched at birth...

  7. I am not a camper. I like air conditioning, showers, and outlets for my hair dryer. I use my husband's Marriott points.

    1. I'll tell you something - the campground we usually go to in Acadia has AWESOME bathrooms! I don't even mind being in them. Vanity table and mirror, hot showers, electrical outlets...And in Maine, we don't need AC. The stressful part is there is always some complication with the camper or the bikes or some other piece of equipment, so Larry doesn't smile much. Yet, he SAYS he enjoys camping. The girls notice the discrepancy, I'm thinking.

  8. Oh this is funny! We camped for the first time EVER in Yellowstone. Coach set the tent up once before we left and the kids slept in it in the yard. Talk about baptism by fire. It was a cheap way to travel with 6 kids and a great way to see National Parks. The kids claim to love it, but oh how I hated it. That first experience sucked. Our tent filled with rain water. I put Curly in my sleeping bag. She was 2.5 yrs. Her little fuzzy curls kept me awake all night and I was afraid to move in case I would roll over and crush her or wake her. All our stuff was wet and Coach kept the tent stretched out in the cabin that we got for the rest of the stay. Oh, memories. AND I still cringe about a kid who dropped his toothbrush under the urinal in the public bathrooms at the camp ground. Yuck!