Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Back To Nature

Today we talk about all my accomplishments in the plant world. Look, I went to Home Depot and bought this myself:

These look much more impressive in real life.

I figured we needed a little color on the deck to distract from the general white trash feel we have going on back there. It worked! No one's called the HOA on us yet. That's $15 well spent, I say.

And then Larry bought basil plants at the farmers' market and I planted them right away, rather than waiting 2 weeks, as is my wont:

Incipient pesto, that's what these are...

There are SIX MORE basil plants I planted (unshown). I know! It's as if I suddenly developed a green thumb and a deep and abiding love for the natural world, right? But no, I just can't afford to keep buying premade pesto at the supermarket, is all.

Ditto for cherry tomatoes...

I'm sort of proud of this one - it's grown a lot. I've got the magic touch, all right.

And look what I picked out at Trader Joe's the day before Mother's Day:

Happy Mother's Day TO ME

Larry was with me at the time, so the tulips count as a present. Also, he had picked up flowers elsewhere that morning but hidden them, so he gets extra points for keeping mum (MUM, GET IT?) and letting me purchase even more flowers.

Because I am now so in tune with nature, I managed last night to photograph an actual rainbow:

You can sort of see it. There, in the center? Look harder.

Later on there was a colossal lightning storm, but I didn't get any pictures. Mostly because I was too busy running for my car while fearing instant death by a bolt from above. But take my word for it, the pyrotechnics were impressive. And now it's been raining for...what?...3 or 4 days straight, with 2 more days to come, so everyone's making "build an ark" jokes, which I will studiously refrain from because IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE, PEOPLE.

Yeah, a lot of rain. And tornadoes. And trees falling down. I don't know what happened to the lovely month of May, but I would like it back, please. Thank you.


  1. I still haven't stuck my plants in the ground. Weddings. I've been catering weddings. So that is all I am up to right now. I have the last one for three weeks this Saturday, so hopefully I get everything planted then.

  2. I wanted to buy tomato plants from my friend and fellow farmer's market vendor, but DH went and bought them a week in advance, as usual. *sigh* So I stayed home in my pajamas on Saturday. However, he also bought a new, fully leafed-out basil plant that we keep in the kitchen. Our previous plant lasted 2 years despite my DIL trying to kill it. I think it's the first green thing I've kept alive indoors except for my cactus plants.

  3. Beth RiddickMay 17, 2018

    You're turning into an earth mother! Congratulations!

  4. I have a huge crop of parsley! Didn't intend to, but apparently they come back in the spring AFTER I've planted more. Parsley is the only thing growing in my kitchen garden. I'm going to have to take it around to neighbors there is so much of it. I WANT basil and cilantro.

  5. Last weekend (was it last weekend? Hmmmm...) I planted basil, tomatoes, cilantro and oregano for the husband because, apparently, if he wants a garden that means I do the grunt work. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.

    And rain - yeah I'm pretty much over that too. Beautiful tulips!!

  6. The rain is depressing the heck of out me! I'm trying to do more container gardening too, since the garden planner we hired back in the winter is a couple months behind. We were going to get raised beds this year, but maybe not.

  7. AnonymousJune 15, 2018

    We're getting our first rain in over 2 weeks and I AM SO HAPPY! Your colors are pretty--my basil died already, so I should replace it.