Friday, July 03, 2009

In Which It Feels That My Head Will Explode

Once upon a time there was a blogger (that would me) who, over the course of 17 years of childbirthing and nursing, was sick a lot of the time. Every cold, every flu, every everything had her family's name on it; and she suffered right along with the rest of them. An unseemly number of blog posts regaled her readers with details of the latest pestilence to strike her apparently immune-suppressed household. Vomit was her middle name.

Then, lo and behold, the milk dried up. And she didn't get sick for 8 whole months. Oh, there was that one Saturday she had to lie down for a few hours because she felt a bit under the weather; but, really, no Sudafed, no Tylenol, no anything medicinal was required for over half a year. Amazing! Unbelievable!

While other members of the household stubbornly persisted in their illness-catching ways, she remained untouchable - it was as if her body had forgotten how to get sick. Things progressed to the point where it puzzled her how the others could pick up all those nasty colds and fevers - what was their problem, anyway? Honking their noses and coughing all the time....sheesh!

Oh, but she was the picture of health!

And now? Because of one traitorous kiss, her sound constitution lies in ruins. She has the head cold to end all head colds, finishing up its 3rd day (so far). It's the kind of head cold where her head hurts so much that she can't sleep, and the lack of sleep makes her head hurt more - a vicious cycle. It's the kind of head cold, in fact, that makes her wonder just what is the point of living, really? And how can people stand being sick?

So y'all will excuse her if she doesn't post this evening. Maybe you'll even excuse her for this weird 3rd-person thing she's got going on here - it must be some sort of out-of-body experience that helps her escape the pain. But you won't excuse her if she keeps whining like this, so she's going to call it quits for now.

PS That first hyperlink up there? Is for the entire month of December was that bad.

PPS I think I overdosed on the Sudafed again - will you grant a poor Blogger's dying wish and vote for your favorite poem in our first-ever appliance poetry slam? Thanks.


  1. If you overdose on Sudafed, don't you blog 235 wpm for 36 hours straight? That could be fun (for us readers, anyway).

    And look at the bright side: at least you're not vomiting.

  2. I thought I had that head cold, but it turned out to be allergies--for the first time in 20 years. Nora from Whopping Cornbread turned me on to the neti pot and it changed my life--you might want to try it.

    Feel better soon--you don't want to be in your best shape for Anna's return.

  3. Holy crap. This is The Suck. You sound so bad that even my usual advice to "drink it out" would fall flat.

  4. That sucks!! No Tylenol for you! Sprite and sleep work for me, and a Neti pot as Jenn said.

  5. I commiserate with you. I have a bad cold too. Not fun.

  6. It's all HIS fault. Now, don't you feel better? At least mentally.

  7. AnonymousJuly 04, 2009

    I don't believe in Sudafed or any of those cold medicines. I think you get well faster if you don't indulge. I haven't taken anything for a cold but zinc and hot tea and Advil or Tylenol if the headaches/aches are bad in years and years and I have found that I recover much quicker. I think by trying to eliminate the symptons they mess with your body's ability to fight off the illness. And I think by doing that you make your immune system stronger. Of course I have probably jinxed myself by saying this! I'll probably come down with viral pneumonia or something!

    Just my wacky 2 cents! I hope you feel better soon.



  8. I hope you feel better soon! At least you can take whatever medicine you want without fear of passing it through breast milk. That's a plus, right?

  9. AnonymousJuly 04, 2009

    Willing health to come your way. SOON!

    I'm pretty sure lounging around has kept me from getting really sick several times over. I recommend laziness as a cure for now and a prophylactic in the future. (But that is not my excuse for sporadic blogging for the past 2 weeks; I blame family togetherness!)

  10. Get well soon! A little fireworks in the air to clean out the lungs, how 'bout.

  11. Nyquil, a shot, and bed. Get well soon. Those summer head colds are the worst.

  12. Hope you feel better soon! You should get some rest, not do any work, and keep writing (whenever you feel rested enough) to entertain the masses that are working today... :)

  13. I'm so sorry you have a head cold. There is something about having a cold in the summer that makes it that much worse with the heat.

    I know it has been a while since I've been by here. I wanted to thank you for recommending Stephen King's book on writing. I've been reading it and enjoying it very much. I can't say I agree with him on the adverb thing - as evidenced by my blog writing!, but I loved what he said about writing the first draft undisturbed with the door closed and then waiting to share or do rewrites until after it is done. I also was intrigued by his personal story. Thanks again for the recommendation!

    Feel better soon! You don't want to get stuck in 3rd person. ;)

  14. Nice to meet you too.

    Next time you feel it coming down try a heavy dose of vit c and good old aspirin.

    Keep that sucker at bay.

  15. oh man! I Hate it when I get sick. Naturally, I assume I will NEVER get better, ever....and then demand sympathy from everyone who is near to me or can hear me, or that I could potentially call or write. Come to think of it, EVERYONE hates it when I am sick too!

    Get better soon.