Monday, November 06, 2017

All Washed Up

Little time to write, what with entertaining sisters-in-law, changing clocks, and washing dishes the livelong day. I generally like the fall time change better than the spring one, but I have been SO TIRED in the evening. I crashed by 9:00 last night and I was going to do the same tonight, only Larry wouldn't let me because the bed wasn't made because I pulled the bedclothes out of the dryer too soon without realizing it. For some reason he didn't want to sleep on wet sheets - go figure.

I'm feeling pretty pleased that I got to use the word "bedclothes." I've been in love with that word ever since I read it in the book "Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" when I was a kid. Feel free to comment and share your own favorite words from antiquated children's books!

Hello? Anyone?

Fall, unfiltered
We've been doing the "take your guests to all the places you mean to visit but never do until guests come" routine. Also, it turns out that Auntie Kate has never been to an IKEA. So that's on the schedule for tomorrow. Because Susie and I are experts at IKEA now.

We've also been cooking a lot, because, well, guests. Luckily, Aunt Mary doesn't mind helping wash dishes. To add insult to injury, I keep getting packages with dishwasher parts that the repairman ordered. They sit in my dining room, mocking me as I wash yet another sinkful of plates and utensils and pots and pans.

I have a raging case of dishpan hands, thanks for asking. Also, my refrigerator situation (which can be generously described as "haphazard" at the best of times) has tipped over into "critical." It's all the cooking plus my reluctance to clean out old foods because then I would have to wash the containers. BY HAND.

Have I mentioned my dishwasher is broken? Oh, okay then...


  1. I've been trying to straighten up the house, which includes hiding a few Christmas decorations still hanging around from 2016. Why bother when they'll be right on time in just a few weeks? Well, I was crazy enough to volunteer to host dinner for 14 tomorrow night. It would be find and even quirky if I knew everyone, but 6 of the adults are complete strangers to me. Apparently, I have a small bit of pride left.
    My bed, which no one else will be seeing, is sporting flannel bedclothes. My word is fortnight.

    1. Oh, I love that word! I think I first read it in Little Women.

  2. I have a solution to your leftover problem. My husband and son eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch. Every week I buy the deli meat in the little plastic tubs. It's cheaper than getting it from the deli and you get all these lovely little plastic containers. So now when I save leftovers (which I know will NEVER get eaten but we continue to keep them in the fridge for weeks) I put them in these free plastic containers. When I decide that it's time to get rid of the leftovers, I throw away the whole plastic container because it was free. Is that horrible? Probably, but it saves me from cleaning the container. Sometimes though, I will feel guilty and will dump the food and just toss the container in the recycling bin without cleaning it. So that's a little better. Right?

  3. I am over here mourning the lack of a dishwasher for you. My antiquated word would be "reticule." Which I probably read in either Little Women or another book from that same era.

  4. I have always liked the word bedclothes too. I like it when they say 'must needs' in old novels. I think Ivanhoe maybe?

  5. I keep meaning to come back to comment but I needed to figure out a good word. I've been busier than normal- another kid fell victim to the stomach bug. I asked Mini for a suggestion and she said she liked parlor. That made me chuckle bc when I was growing up my family referred to our living room as the parlor. I refuse to feel crazy old but instead just blame my weird fam.

  6. Was Larry being a wet blanket about the bedclothes?

  7. I have also never been to IKEA lol