Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Well! November! Let's do this thing!

Susie decorated our door, and I couldn't
even appreciate it.
I spent all day yesterday wondering why Halloween was so hard and why I didn't enjoy it anymore. Seriously, I didn't even want any candy. And I didn't know what any of the little kids coming to my door were dressed up as, which irritated me.

I decided I must be getting old and boring and that poor Susie would spend the next 6 years living with parents who were no fun whatsoever. For some reason I failed to attribute my poor attitude to the fact that I had a bad sore throat/head cold and had been running full tilt all day despite it.

But then at 4:30 this morning I woke up feeling miraculously better (I could swallow! I could breathe!) and decided Halloween was pretty cool after all. Hooray! I love happy endings!

So today I have a new lease on life - I feel like Scrooge when he wakes up and discovers it is still Christmas Day. I celebrated by eating some candy corn for breakfast. Then I cleaned up the kitchen because - oh, happy day - the dishwasher repairman was coming.

Remember that leak? It kept happening and I assumed it was a gasket, so I set up a repair appointment (it's free, because I was smart this time and bought the Geek Squad service plan, because - let's face it - you can't trust a dishwasher to last more than 2 years). And then, last night, the thing kept turning itself on. I mean, with the door open and everything. We punched all its buttons and I confess to smacking the instrument panel once or twice (hey, it used to work with TV's, back in the olden days), but in the end we had to turn off the power to the whole thing just to get it to stop.

It's a witch. With jazz hands, of course 
Larry and I decided the dishwasher was haunted. I expected it to start back up again, even after the power was off, and maybe gurgle something like, "I'm Chuckie, want to WASH DISHES?" At which point we would have had to sledgehammer it to death.

That didn't happen though. Whew!

So the repairman has been here for over an hour, and it sounds as though he's ordering a part, which will take a week, and oh - did I mention I have house guests coming to stay on Friday? Appliances can sense these things, I'll tell you that right now. THEY KNOW.

My guests leave on the 9th. I think we can safely assume that that's when my dishwasher gets fixed. But I'm at peace with the situation. Probably because I've got my Twizzlers and Almond Joys to comfort me...


  1. I love Twizzlers and Almond Joy. I got to steal them out of the kids' candy stash until #3 came along - he's the only one that likes licorice or coconut. I had to leave the bowl on the front porch because of band practice this year, but on the other hand, every bit of candy is gone. So I bought half-price candy at the drugstore this afternoon.

  2. Uh oh. Appliances have plots and plans. Keep an eye on the others.

  3. Given the position of the leak in the photo you posted, gasket's fairly likely. The random turning on an off? Not a seal problem. I got nothin'.

  4. My husband left the Almond Joys open on the kitchen table. They are taunting me but I"m holding strong. OF course, I've only had about 12 waking hours at home since they were opened on Halloween night.
    Our dishwasher is avoiding being turned on (the buttons, they refuse to work their electronic magic) but over the weekend there were several sewing machines that magically turned on as if ghosts were running the. This was not helpful to the people making quilts but were not at their stations when their machines began running. Weird.

  5. I have not had a dishwasher for most of my life, you'll survive although you'll probably just be cussing a lot lol