Thursday, November 09, 2017

Gonna Fly, I Am

The dishwasher man is here. He pulled into the parking lot just as my sisters-in-law were pulling out after their week-long stay, if you want an example of the antithesis of perfect timing. And now I hear him on the phone to someone else at Geek Squad, describing some problem with the dishwasher he just found, which worries me. I mean, this thing IS getting fixed today, isn't it?

Bought some IKEA umbrellas, too,
because that's how we do
Tuesday I drove with Aunt Mary and Auntie Kate to IKEA. Because Auntie Kate had never been there, we pulled out all the stops: a slow meander through the entire showroom, the Swedish meatballs plate for lunch, an even slower meander through the entire Marketplace, a stop in As-Is, and then, after the registers, an ice cream cone (plus the purchase of 6 cinnamon buns to take home).

What I'm saying is, we know how to do IKEA right. Also, I somehow ended up with a small desk I had totally not planned on buying. But that's pretty standard for a trip to IKEA, I'm thinking.

Wednesday (yesterday) I took both of them to the local mall, because it turns out Auntie Kate had never been to Shake Shack either. I know! It's like she lives on the moon. Says the woman who has yet to step inside a Sonic...

What I'm trying to say is, it's going to feel pretty good to not go anywhere today.

I will have to get back to my morning exercise routine, though - that has fallen by the wayside, what with having houseguests and spending all my free time washing dishes. And here is where I share some exciting news with you all: after months of waddling/jogging/walking/whining most mornings on a mile-circuit near my house, I have achieved what I had started to believe might be well nigh impossible - a few weeks ago, I managed to jog slowly the entire time.

And then I did it twice more, the same week. Meaning, it wasn't a fluke. And, yeah, that first time, I DID run up my front steps and dance around with my arms in the air like Rocky. I earned it, dammit.


  1. Congratulations on jogging that mile! No small feat, for sure. ~annie

  2. Obviously you haven't been to a Sonic; since you generally pull up, order and a car hop will bring you your food.🙂

    I've never even heard of a Shake Shack though. And I never buy anything when I make the two hour trek to IKEA mainly because I've never had a car big enough to haul anything home, now that I do I'm sure that will change!

    And yay you on jogging that mile!! And yes, you definitely deserved that Rocky moment!

  3. Re the running: Whoo-hoo!!!!!

  4. Oh I get so nervous when appliance repair people start scratching their heads and making phone calls. I never fail to hear 'wrong part . . .mumble mumble . . . come back . . . mumble mumble' and my blood pressure rises.

    I've never been to an Ikea. They have food there? No excuse. There is one close to my house.

    Hope they fixed the dishwasher!!!!

  5. Someday I'll get back to running. First I need to get over this never ending cold that sometimes makes my chest hurt and other times makes me think it's gone.

  6. I was pretty sure you don't set foot in a Sonic, but I've never been either. Around here, its on Route 46, if that paints the picture still. The kids go, and then say "Oh, we didn't think you wanted something............" [Yes, they speak in extra-long ellipses - it just hangs there, and hangs there, and no one is talking but you still feel like you would be interrupting, so you wait......]
    I used to make the kids order for me in Chipotle, because I couldn't hear or understand what choices I was being asked to make. But I have now progressed to the point where I go to Chipotle by myself. In fact, Chipotle is one of my big three post-hike stops. And the kids let me go there by myself. And let me go there for long as I'm buying. And not interrupting.

    1. There's a Sonic in New Jersey? I thought they were all in North Carolina and south!

  7. You did it! I would sing the Dora the Explorer song to you if I could. I feel very proud! Oh my goodness I hope the dishwasher gets fixed this first visit. That phone call doesn't sound good!

  8. And I apologize for leaving this out of my last comment, CONGRATULATIONS on meeting your fitness goal!!!!!! Keep going!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

  9. I used to run and am now back to walking. Not sure I will ever be able to work my way back up to a job. Time will tell! Congrats on meeting your goal and I hope that dishwasher is fixed!

  10. My daughter buys Sonic ice, from Sonic, when her kids have sore throats. I guess it's better than regular ice? Congratulations on the running success!

  11. I've never stepped foot inside a Sonic, either -- although the Sonic practically next door to our church in San Antonio didn't have an "inside" for the customers, and the one I know of in Spokane has this handy-dandy drive-thru lane so you don't even have to pull into the car-hop service spaces. (Because I wouldn't know, do you need to tip the servers who deliver your food on roller skates? The lack of knowledge over this issue is too stressful for me.)
    Is there anything more fun than accompanying an IKEA virgin on her first trek through that store?
    Huzzah for jogging! I'm greatly impressed. You make me miss running.

  12. There is a Sonic in Winchester just west of the hospital on US route 50. The other Sonic in Winchester is on route 7 just east of I 81.

  13. I'm thinking I should be grateful there is no Ikea here in Saskatchewan, the closest we get is Jysk and it's just not the same! Congrats on the jogging. I am truly impressed !!