Wednesday, November 29, 2017

God Bless Us, Everyone! (Redux)

First things first. A reader from North Carolina commented on Monday's post, saying (essentially) that she wished she had someone nearby who made good pottery. So let me take this opportunity to let any readers from North Carolina know that Meredith and her husband create wonderful pottery: mugs, tumblers, plates, decorative tiles, etc. If you live within a few hours of Whynot, NC, it's worth the trip, I'm sure.

Someday I'll be driving through there, Meredith. SOMEDAY.

And, yes, I know North Carolina is a large state. But, using my prodigious GoogleMap skills, I have determined that Whynot (and please, Meredith, explain that town name to us!) is smack dab in the middle of it. Conveniently located!

Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming. Below is a picture of one of my favorite things: cranberry chutney, made by friends who are the daughters of my dear friend and neighbor who passed on back in 2011. They have kept up her custom of gifting me with a couple of jars every year, which I love as much for the memories as for the gustatory delight.

Sometimes? A jar of chutney is NOT just a jar.

I give them a couple of loaves of cranberry bread in exchange, because that's what I always gave their mother. I have no idea whether or not my friends even like it. They could be humoring me, for nostalgia's sake. They could be dumping it in the trash as soon as they're out of sight. Still - TRADITION.

Blogger, cook, and photographer extraordinaire Jennifer alerted me yesterday that today is the annual FREE dress rehearsal of A Christmas Carol at a somewhat nearby (as in Whynot Pottery nearby) Shakespearean theater. I immediately canceled Susie's orthodontic appointment (because PRIORITIES) and commenced trying to convince other people to join us, because it is always a wonderful performance in a beautiful venue. And free - did I mention free?

Apparently, no one cares. Or maybe my powers of persuasion are not very powerful. So it's just Susie and I heading out on the road today to enjoy some holiday cheer. That's okay, except I won't get any knitting done. But I won't be expected to cook dinner, either, so that's a plus. I mean, I haven't cooked much of anything in 5 days - no reason to start now, right?


  1. Great pottery, homemade cranberry chutney, Shakespearean theater performances of A Christmas Carol, and serendipitous GETTING OUT OF COOKING DINNER. It is wonderful to know that these good things exist. I hope you enjoy all of it immensely. You made the right choice to blow off the orthodontist appointment. If I were available I would go with you.

  2. I need to follow your example more. Orthodontists and the like can always wait. Fun stuff doesn't.

  3. I can testify that they eat it. Because they do not share it with their younger sister. Their chutney looks prettier than mine....

  4. Since I had your cranberry bread for dinner last night and breakfast this morning -- I'd say we love it! (and enjoy the chutney!)

  5. Oh how I love traditions between neighbors and friends, and the sharing/exchange of food items. That cranberry chutney looks almost too good to eat. And yes, I agree, blow off the ortho for good times. I have been known to pull my kids out of school for an unseasonable warm day, because there are zoos and parks and things that are better than a classroom on an unseasonable warm day. (Don't think we will see many of those in Chicago for the next several months, sigh).

    I will be checking back for the response to the 'Whynot, NC' question? I am curious.

  6. Thanks! Whynot is only about 30-40 minutes from here, so I'll probably take the drive one of these days - particularly if I hear you will be coming through! As for how it got it's name, I googled it for you - sounds about right...

    And YES, orthodontist appointments should be cancelled for a free Christmas Carol showing! The rest of your family has no clue to what they are missing...and neither does mine. I love a good play.

  7. This post is full of good things. ♥