Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Holiday Prep

Today was a cooking day. Cranberry sauce and brandied sweet potatoes and stuffing...LOTS of stuffing. Throw in an orthodontist appointment and a trip to the bank, and it was a pretty full day. I got it all done, though, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself here.

A lot of this sort of thing happening today -
and, yes, that IS a full 8 quarts of stuffing

The house didn't get cleaned, however. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow, maybe I won't. All I know is, day after tomorrow? Is Knitting Day. That's the day I get to just sit and knit, in a (maybe) clean house full of leftovers. Also, yarn stores have gotten into the whole Black Friday thing, which explains why a former Black Friday refusenik such as myself is leaving the house at 7 AM on Friday: I've got to take advantage of a "30% off everything from 8-10 AM" yarn sale.

We all have our price.

Brian, retail wage slave that he is, has to work from 4:30 to midnight on Thanksgiving  (THANKS A LOT, BEST BUY).  Folks, before you run out to shop on Thanksgiving evening, think a second: those people who are manning the floor and the registers are, one and all, missing from their families' holiday festivities. Can't you just wait until Friday morning? Show these retail giants that it isn't worth opening on a major holiday, all right?

Not that Brian cares, of course - he'll be earning time and a half, so he's feeling like a mini-Rockefeller right now. But, hey, his rapidly aging parents care. That's one less person to help with the dishes, you know...


  1. Even though I don't cook, I'm kinda missing the whole Thanksgiving prep - none of that is going on here. And no, I won't be out shopping on Thanksgiving. It's just not right and the corporate giants should be ashamed of themselves. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. I had plans to cook today, and then just...didn't. But it's only 4 of us plus my daughter's college roommate, so I'm not trying to impress anyone. Oldest son is staying "home" for the first time - his home, not ours. Sniff. His roommates and partner all have to work, so he stayed to be supportive. End of an era, I guess.

  3. Me and all my friends seemed to be making pies today. I guess we were all assigned the same thing. I never feel up to much of anything Thanksgiving night. No way would I go shopping. I am digesting!

  4. I made cranberry-orange relish before heading off to work today. I collapsed on the couch for a few hours this evening before making 4 pumpkin pies tonight (yes, I am the crazy person who starts pies when everyone else goes to bed). Normally I stay firmly in pajamas at home on Friday; however, I promised my DIL that I'd stand in line with her at JoAnn's fabric counter early Friday morning. But there is no way I'm going anywhere on Thursday evening except the kitchen sink (those dishes don't wash themselves).
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I do not shop on Thanksgiving either. I don't think they get the message - I think they will still open regardless of my shopping habits, but I do find it ridiculous. I heard an employee at Kohls a few weeks ago explain that she was missing Thanksgiving because her party was too far to get to after working at Kohls. Shame on Kohls.

  6. I refused to even grocery shop today! Shameful that we can't even take a day off for Thanksgiving.
    Hope your yams tasted as good as they sound!

  7. I signed up to sell my stuff at a craft fair super bright and early and no one actually shopped until about 10 lol