Monday, November 27, 2017

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

My favorite weekend of the year is over, which fact makes me feel bereft. The 3 days after Thanksgiving always feel like an oasis of calm before the rest of the holidays hit, and I took full advantage of it this year, visiting yarn stores, getting together with friends to knit, going with Susie to see Wizard of Oz on the big screen...that sort of thing.

Some money may have changed hands at the yarn store Friday.

No cooking happened whatsoever. In fact, my family has been eating Thanksgiving leftovers for 4 days now. Today I broke down and cooked up a batch of baked beans in the crock pot. They weren't ready in time for dinner, though - so it was turkey and mashed potatoes one more time. And stuffing - last night we discovered a full 3-qt pot of stuffing that we had forgotten to remove from the cooler on our back deck (which functions as our back-up refrigerator the night before Thanksgiving).

Look, we're not proud of that, okay?

I also attended my neighbor's annual pottery sale on Saturday. She's talented and has her own wheel and kiln and, in honor of Small Business Saturday, I bought something.

Fruit not included

I visited another yarn store that afternoon, because, hey, SMALL BUSINESS. Money changed hands there, too, because I am very philanthropic that way. Most surfaces in my house are now covered with skeins of wool and needles and half-done projects.

I'm not proud of that either, but it's the way I've chosen to live, apparently.

When I wasn't supporting small businesses or watching Judy Garland sing, I was knitting. Because, well, I bought all that yarn. I managed to finish 2 hats, start another one, and embark on a cowl. Winter IS coming, you know. Also? Christmas.

Gratuitous picture of Hat #2 (brighter blue in real life).

So how did you all spend the best weekend of the year?


  1. That bowl is just gorgeous. I am a real sucker for blue dishes of any kind though. Lovely hat too! We went to my in law's and had a second Thanksgiving. Luckily they live near some beautiful trails for running and we had a lot of fun on them. I ate far far too much too, but then that goes without saying.

  2. I love that bowl! The only potter I know puts animal faces on his work. Not exactly my cup of tea, as you might imagine.

    This Thanksgiving we went out and it was a bit of a disappointment; so The Husband made a small turkey dinner Saturday. Other than that there was a lot of lounging about around here.

    1. If you are anywhere near Whynot, NC, you are in luck. Meredith and her husband make beautiful stuff. Some day I'm going to drive through there and buy things.

  3. I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading. Glad you enjoy this weekend. For me, it is the worst weekend of the year. My kids are always in Irish dancing championships the weekend after Thanksgiving. Thankfully, this year it was local and we didn't have to travel. It is stressful enough without traveling. This year marks the first time that my daughters were positively elated with their results. Hallelujah! Typically I have someone who is grouchy and someone who is thrilled. They are always very supportive of each other, but it is still a trying experience when someone is disappointed. This year it was a joy to see all of their hard work pay off!

  4. But... is the stuffing still good to eat? Because we didn't have any and I missed it.
    Lovely yarn, lovely creations. You almost make me wish I could knit.