Friday, November 03, 2017

Wherein I Don't Even Mention Candy

Okay, so yesterday I buzzed around the house cleaning up the Halloween stuff so we could put the Halloween bins in the attic before my sisters-in-law arrived today. I kept thinking I was done, but - just as with the Christmas decorations - I kept stumbling across more items (and believe me, we don't have that much!). So, finally, after stuffing the Halloween place mats into the almost full bin and feeling confident I had slayed that particular beast, I asked Larry to put everything in the attic.

We know where this is going, right?

Not half an hour after he did so, I entered the kitchen (where I had spent at least HALF my waking hours that day) and saw this facing me from the opposite wall:

Yup, not exactly hidden - but, hey, after the paper chains incident from January, I suppose I knew anything was possible.

As discussed in these pages recently, our dishwasher has chosen this week to go on the blink. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal. I'd feed the kids cheap pizza half the nights and we'd muddle through with minimal cooking and paper plates. BUT this is the week that both my sisters-in-law are coming to visit. That means a heck of a lot of cooking and a heck of a lot of pots and pans to clean. That also means our lucky guests get to hear me at my best, haranguing the kids for using out an extra knife or leaving their plates in the sink instead of washing them and putting them in the dish drainer.

Yes, the Michael Graves dish drying rack is BACK. I held on to it, because I knew that there would be a day I would need it again. Unfortunately, I neglected to share this info with Larry; so he apparently threw out the rubber mat that goes underneath it during one of his many dump expeditions during the Great Basement Remodel this past winter.

It is a testament to the strength of our marriage that I am still speaking to him. It helps that I still have this stupid cold and am too tired to fight. I am trying hard not to think of all the crap that is still in the laundry room that I would have happily seen taken to the dump instead.



  1. So no repair guy before the relatives get there? That seems you're cursed or something.

  2. Argh, about the dishwasher. Argh, about the decoration still on the wall. Argh about the cold.

    I only got out two Halloween decorations this year. ONLY TWO! And yet I am afraid to put the Halloween box back in the attic because I have this same fear that you do, that something that belongs in the Halloween box will be left languishing around the house.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, your house guests would be willing to help with the hand washing? I have to admit, until recently my dishwasher was only used a few times a year....I'm one of those sick people who enjoy washing dishes. ;p

    Have a wonderful week visiting.

  4. Oh a broken dishwasher is a nightmare. Been there, done that. I won't bore you with frustrations over my broken dishwashers (I will mention one died at 13 months just weeks after warranty expired). While our kitchen is under construction, we've been without a dishwasher. Driving me nuts. Kids don't get concept of no disposal in our mini basement kitchen sink making cleaning dishes even more fun. Just spent 3 days at my folks house while floors were being finished. It was Halloween. Didn't even buy a pumpkin let alone candy. Then mini, Eddie, and I got a stomach bug while houseguests at my parents immaculate home. Shared the puke bug with my mom. Solidified my spot as the often ignored middle child.

    Hope your sis in law visit goes well. Maybe they'll take you all out to eat!

    1. Yes, that stay at your parents sounded, uh, marvelous. I'm betting you won't be asked back too soon!

  5. May the kids surprise you with especially good kitchen manners, at least during the visit from their aunties.
    We're hosting a large group for dinner on Tuesday night. I work during the day on Tuesday. There is a strange mishmash of Halloween, Thanksgiving/Fall, and Christmas (from 2016) out in my dining room right now because we are a classy bunch.