Monday, April 13, 2009

Funny Bunnies

What with Brian's birthday cake and the jelly beans left by the Easter Bunny and all the little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs the kids picked up at the egg hunt at church, our family's collective blood sugar level is running at an all-time high. Could someone please stop the madness? We ate more sugar this past weekend than Laura Ingalls Wilder saw in her entire life.

No Peeps, though - I can't stand those things.


  1. I saw that picture! I was going to put it on my blog. I thought it was hilarious!

    Almost as good as that one card with the three old ladies. "It's windy," said one. "No, it's Thursday," said the next. "So am I," said the third, "Let's go and have a drink!"

    I love that card!

  2. You should try the hatchlings on FB. It is truly and totally addictive!!

  3. I saw your Scramble score--damn, you're good. I can only ever manage 2 or 3 games due to time constraints, but I swear I could spend a whole day on it!

  4. heh. love those bunnies.

  5. I have those bunnies on a "bumper sticker" on facebook!
    I've never eaten a Peep, and I love the quiet house late and night or (more likely these days) early in the morning.

    I wish someone besides me would finish off the mediocre chocolates. We're over-sugared here, too!

    Jake's card reminds me, I *must* photograph the card my MIL sent us for Easter.

  6. My family (except my marshmallow loving mom) started throwing peeps at each other on Easter Sunday.
    Peep Wars.

  7. I only liked peeps when they were stale...and only as a child.
    I only allow good chocolate in the baskets....and only in small amounts. I know what you mean though, about the Ingalls family...
    Loved the bunnies!

  8. My mom had bowls of candy all over the house on Easter. How the heck am I supposed to stay on a cholesterol-lowering diet with that going on?

  9. Love the bunnies! I'm addicted to Twirl...

    Kari B

  10. I must confess..I had chocolate for breakfast! I should not be left alone with the kids stash.

    Love that cartoon.

  11. I never have played Scrabble in my life. But I have consumed my fair share of sugar.

  12. hey!! i've been reading your blog and thought it was great!! keep it up!!

    also, don't you love scramble on facebook :) i'm not too good at it though :)

  13. No Peeps?! Isn't that illegal?

    We're on sugar overload here as well. Thank goodness the bulk of it is gone as of this evening.

  14. We actually -- gasp! -- threw out the rest of the Easter cake.

    I should tell you this, though. It's four layers: blue, green, pink, and yellow, with icing between all the layers, peeps stuck to the edges, and a coconut-and-jellybean nest on top. We call it the family train wreck.

    The Husband looked at it and said, "I'm not going to eat it, the kids won't eat it, and you shouldn't eat it. Throw it out." I can't argue with that kind of logic. Besides, I know where we keep the Dove bunnies. ;)

  15. UGH! You reminded me I have to get two parties ready in the next 3 weeks. LOVE THE BUNNIES!

  16. My HB laughed so much when he saw this that he could hardly breathe.

    (I laughed too, but I didn't have any trouble breathing.)



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