Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cheap Trick

You guys were all over that mom-modified version of Clue that I mentioned yesterday. There were too many good suggestions to name them all, just check out those comments...

I discussed last year how much I hate April Fool's Day. I mean, what's to love about a holiday that centers around the concept "Ha, ha, I made you look like an idiot!"? Not that I am upset that my beloved Mrs. G fooled me into thinking that she had actually paid for a Botox treatment - no, not at all. I like feeling stupid. Really.

Yeah, I'm gullible (although, in a perfect world, I believe that I would be described as "innocent" and "trusting").

And speaking of duplicity, whose favorite teen girl thought she could trick her parents by erasing the computer history after each use? Anyone wanna guess? My dear Anna, the game is on!


  1. Oh first teen tried that way back in 2005. Hahaha. They thought we wouldn't notice.

  2. See, if you had Vista, you could lock her account down so tightly she couldn't get on the internet. :) I have, at various times, locked down the router so certain MAC addresses on the pc's the kids use could only use the internet between certain hours. But I'm mean.

  3. Yeah, erasing the browser history...THAT doesn't raise any red flags. Ahem.

    Coincidentally, I wrote a post this morning on how much I hate April Fool's day. I don't like tricking people, and I don't like being tricked. It's juvenile and stupid. And mean. Like those fake scratcher lottery tickets that make you think you won like $10,000. Hey, you won $10,000! Oh, hahaha, just kidding! Yeah, that's REAL funny.

  4. April Fool's...I totally forgot.

    So, when I arrived home today and opened the fridge to make dinner, imagine my surprise in seeing the fridge filled with wrapped presents, bows and everything! My first thought was, who were they making ALL these presents for, a whole class? Then I saw the saucepan handle sticking out of the wrapping paper, and it quickly became clear! My first thought was of your fridge photos, and how perhaps they might be enhanced by the addition of some wrapping paper and bows. Just a thought.

    His brothers say he has too much time on his hands. :-)

  5. That doesn't sound like an April Fool's joke.

  6. That Anna is a feisty one. I hate April Fools too.

  7. Rest assured that my wrinkles are very much intact!

  8. We were suckered in our office. The next door business called us and asked did we know Walmart was on fire. They had me hitting the door to go see. Our retaliation? We have a local daily swap radio show. WE called and gave their number to call for potbellied pigs and baby goats.

  9. Anna is a smart cookie!
    I fell for Mrs. G too--totally thought the midlife crisis had got the better of her. I'm gullible too.

  10. Karla with a KApril 02, 2009

    I'm here from Dawn Meehan's blog - I'll see your dozen oatmeal container submarines, and raise you some foil covered milk carton-and-box combo rocket launchers and other various foil covered cardboard weapons of minor destruction! Sitting on the dresser tops.

    So your posts here are hilarious. Love the Clue. Love the fridge musings.

    Thanks for the entertainment.

  11. Karla with a KApril 02, 2009

    oh yea. p.s.
    16 years ago my husband proposed to me on April Fool's Day, in case I said "No." Now April 1st is also our youngest's birthday.

    I'm kind of with you on the practical jokes, though.
    Ok - bye.

  12. I sat here giggling over your bio and the wonderful incognito children :-)

    Great blog. I'll be back! AND . . . I have a great give-away going on at Not Entirely British if you have teens who want to know about Popularity and the 5 Dimensions of Charm and Beauty

  13. Time for spybot? (who me? I only spent 10 minutes on facebook....)

    My husband served Oreo cookies for dessert last night (I was at a meeting). I think one kid is forever sworn off Oreos, after his double-stuff minty-fresh experience...

    No one tries to get me on April Fool's Day anymore, after that snake in the fridge incident...

  14. The trick to April Fools is to get them first. I always wake my kids up and tell them instead of school we're going to Toys R Us and buying the place out. Once they start screaming in excitement I just double over in laughter and announce April Fools! (Yea, now you're no longer surprised I'm having issues with my 7yo are you??)

  15. I used to put up a notice outside my office door that said, "Warning: I have no sense of humor." It didn't work very well...

  16. My husband gets some kind of sick enjoyment on April 1. Luckily, he learns quickly (we've been married 28 years) and only got the kids this year. Lucky for him.