Monday, April 20, 2009

Rainy Day Activity List

April showers bring madness, right? Here's how I amuse myself whilst trapped indoors all day with 6 children:

Rainy Day Activity List

  1. Put away 3 loads of laundry
  2. Hide in bedroom to sneak-read a chapter of The Unforgiving Minute
  3. Wash 3 (different) loads of laundry
  4. Scrub yucky stuff (technical term) off shower doors.
  5. Make well-child appointments for 2 out of 6 kids. Put off the other ones until next year.
  6. Yank sheets off Anna's bed and explain to her that when making the bed, she must remove all objects resting on mattress first.
  7. Duck death glare.
  8. Condense 6 bags of knitting down to 4. Pile them in corner of bedroom in a half-hearted attempt to "neaten up."
  9. Narrowly avert poisoning children with 3-day-old tuna salad.
  10. Open fridge and wonder how it gets messed up so fast. I mean, I just cleaned it out.
And here is how my children amuse themselves:
  1. Ask for something to eat.
  2. Race Mardi Gras necklaces down the stairs. (They act sort of like slinkies)
  3. Ask what's for dinner.
  4. Shriek loudly while I am on the phone with the doctor's office.
  5. Ask to go to Target.
  6. Hide, hoping I will forget to make them do their math.
  7. Ask for lunch.
  8. Cry when I snatch their tuna sandwiches away (see #9 on first list).
  9. Ask for a movie.
  10. Pinch each other.
I know, terribly uncreative. We'll probably end up making cookies. Because, really, I need to gain a few extra pounds...


  1. Great list! I love the kids list, sounds a bit like mine every day.

  2. You left 'lose my mind' off the list, so I know you are the better woman.

    Oh, and I would have happily eaten the tuna salad. My kids won't eat tuna...maybe that's why.

  3. Yeah, because really, all the rain is almost worse than the long, cold snowy winter. Everything is saying, It's spring! Get outside! And then it rains and rains and rains.

  4. What IS for dinner??

    And I really do feel sorry for you! NOBODY should have to do that much laundry. Can you sell one of the kids and hire a maid??

  5. I got fresh cookies and didn't even have to bake!
    Left my three with a friend and her homeschooled six...while I went to a dr. appt.
    They baked, I ate! woo hoo! we didn't get much school work done today...

  6. you need to gain a few extra pounds!!! i need to loose a few extra pounds!! i know! let's swap!! :-) perfect!!!

    i looove cookies. chocolate chip. warm, just out of the oven, with a little bit of gooiness still in the middle. yum

  7. I especially like that they entertained one another with such a creative activity like racing Mardi Gras beads down the stairs. Who knew?

  8. My kids are on a similar schedule...and WHAT is with the begging to go to TARGET all the time. Makes me seriously consider switching to Kroger.

  9. I love the mardi gras necklace idea . . . I bet they do act like slinkies.

    pretty imaginative . . .

  10. It's funny how often one feels hard pressed to find something interestingg to do on a rainy day, when, one probably would have stayed inside anyway. I am like this all the time. One could argue that then the children couldn't play outside but, honestly, weren't they starting to smell just a little?

  11. I have the activity schedule for my kids.

    Great minds must think alike.

  12. What about just sitting and blogging?

    Thats what I do now for 4 hours a day---sigh....

  13. Some days just need to be all about cookies.

  14. What did you end up fixing for dinner? I need some ideas on what to fix tonight.

  15. I'm very tempted to go, right now, and grab up the Mardi Gras necklaces off my sons' bedroom floor and race them down the stairs...

    Three day old tuna salad is bad? (My standards might be a little low.)

    I made over 70 fancy-schmancy display cards for the silent auction, with multiple interruptions for laundry and supplies. (Yes, my kids were being educated by someone else during this time.) I now have a love-hate relationship with all craft supplies... because this is only half of the display cards needed.

  16. We have two dozen strings of mardi gras beads, none of which are still loops. ;) Now, all I need is a set of stairs... I knew we forgot to include something in that last memo to the builder.

    The weather is really nice here, but everyone is sick with a cold. The Girl has demanded to do her handwriting, spelling and grammar this morning. Thank God she's going to let me off on the hook on that math.

  17. It's the constant feeding that always gets me, really. The rest of childrearing is a piece of cake. Which is food. And so it goes.

  18. Cookies! That's also an activity that I use with the kids and I have had enough of each other.

  19. Hilarious! Oh, I just don't come here often enough...that has GOT to change!

  20. Found you through my sis Mary Alice and your blog never fails makes me giggle to myself :-)