Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cookies and Dreidels and Chores, Oh My!

We made fudge today. Peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Lemon bars tomorrow. Maybe we'll throw some steaming cups of cocoa in there for good measure. I'm glad I was smart enough to put off returning to Weight Watchers until January. I don't care how much I have to starve myself for 10 months a year, as long as I can have my holiday goodies.

Because it's holiday time - time for the children to fight over which color candles to put in the menorah, which wooden tree ornament to decorate with markers and glitter glue, which bowl they get to lick. Next week, they'll fight over who wraps which present. Yes, indeed, it's a magical time of the year - magical in that, somehow, I manage not to kill them. Now they're throwing dreidels at each other and screaming. I don't know why. And I don't care.

Larry (with great trepidation) informed me that the tile guy (for the kitchen floor, remember?) isn't showing up this Sunday, after all; but he will definitely be here the 14th. Yeah, I believe that one. I think I have more of a chance of Santa actually showing up here than that guy.

Hey, do you think Santa does floors? Or maybe one of his elves? That would be so cool, wouldn't it? I believe in you, Santa, I believe! I'm not like that cold-hearted chick in Miracle on 34th Street. And, hey, we left you some very nice beer last year, to wash down those cookies with. Yeah, the John Adams Christmas Ale....nice stuff, wasn't it? Well, there's more where that came from, if you know what I mean (wink, wink). And I've been a really good girl all year. Though, if you prefer naughty, I can do that too....

I can't believe I typed that. Coal in my stocking this year, for sure....

Larry is out this evening with David at Cub Scouts. David doesn't like Cub Scouts, but he looks cute in the shirt. That's good enough for me. So, anyway, I get to put everyone to bed tonight and do all the dishes and as soon as I'm done goofing off here I'm going to clean the stove. Yup, just another exciting Tuesday evening here in our household. And Anna is mad at me because I just told her that I'm not going to Target this evening. If she had done those dishes for me, I might have considered taking her, you know. Maybe I should offer to let her scrub the stovetop. I bet she'd like that.


  1. John Adams? The President? He makes beer? {G} And fudge - have a good recipe to share? That sounds YUMMY.

  2. Nothing quite like contractors is there? Except maybe contractors during the holidays... I don't know if I could be naughty with Santa, though. Even for a floor! Happy Hanukkah! (early!)

  3. You need to remember that Santa only comes to the most sincere frazzled Mom on the block.

    Or maybe that's the Great Pumpkin.

    Or Elvis.

    Who remembers?

  4. Don't be embarrassed to post it. Santa likes his elves a little naughty around here too.

    Merry Festivus!

  5. LOL! I say keep your fingers crossed for Santa. I bet you have a better shot at him showing up to do those floors than a contractor. :)

  6. we've done a gazillion years of parochial scool because, gosh darn it, plaid uniforms are cute!

  7. I thought 'coal in the stocking' was a British thing, something to torture kids with. I can't belief that lovely Americans are similarly afflicted!

    This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  8. love - I knew I should have checked the bottles in the fridge - Sam Adams. Must be his brother, right?

    madmad - to get my floor back? I'd be naughty with Santa. Just don't tell Mrs. Claus.

    fannie mae - I love those uniforms, too - but they're making the skirts for the teen girls awfully short these days, aren't they?

  9. Maybe if you plied Larry with Sam Adams whilst wearing a naughty Mrs Claus outfit...it could be arranged that the floors get done sooner?

  10. I agree with sher -- it's the Great Pumpkin we need to believe in.

  11. I think Mary Alice is on to something here...Santa likes his helpers. Meow.

  12. Oh I hate cub scouts night, cleaning up from dinner, baths, putting the kids to bed by myself.

    I'm starting cookies tomorrow!

  13. Hmmm. If you find that Santa does floors PLEASE send him my way.

    My renovation is going no where. Sigh.

    Hey! Maybe I'll leave some John Adams for the contractor...maybe that'll get me a return visit! Thanks for the idea. :)

  14. I bet Santa loves to come to your house!! Maybe I should leave him out some beer too!! I have been waiting over two years for a carpenter to fisish my house. It will never be done.

  15. Hey, whatever works - for daughters or for Santa!

  16. mary alice - I'll let you know how that plan works out.

    mrs. g - you scare me sometimes. but in a good way.

  17. I am obviously not a beer connoisseur... I totally missed the John/Sam Adams flub. *sigh*

    I agree with you 100%... do whatever it takes to get that kitchen done!

  18. So, um, did she scrub the stovetop?

    (Okay, I really did try to type that with a straight face. I TRIED.)

  19. anothergrayhair.comDecember 05, 2007

    Your kids are throwing dreidels at each other. Mine are defacing the nativity. Seems like the ideal formula for holiday havoc! Bring it on!

  20. I fully intend on asking Santa for a clean house for Christmas....

    *it could happen*.....

    Nice post, I enjoyed this!

  21. "David doesn't like Cub Scouts, but he looks cute in the shirt. That's good enough for me." - this was so funny! I made choc. covered pretzels, but haven't made my fudge yet - was your good? Take care. Kellan



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