Thursday, May 29, 2008

To-Do List

Google Search of the Day: "teenage girl in poopy diapers"

Maybe I won't complain about my teen daughter Anna anymore. At least she's potty trained, right?

In case you wonder what I do all day:

1. Get up (very important, but much harder than it looks)

2. Shower and dress

3. Check blogs (also very important, though I don't know why)

4. Feed children breakfast so they'll stop whining

5. Remember that we have to do our yearly standardized tests.

6. Look for standardized tests, always a time-consuming activity.

7. Inflict said tests on 2 little boys.

8. Check blogs again (why not?)

9. Cast on for the first of a pair of socks (3rd try, due to needle size and gauge issues). Completing these socks has become a point of honor. I will finish them or die trying.

10. Feed children lunch early, as my dental appointment is at 12:45 on June 4th.

11. Realize that today is not June 4th. I've spent the entire morning dreading a root canal that is not happening for another week.

12. Check blogs (because I can).

13. Go to garden with kids. Water things. Dig up some humongo weeds. Wonder just how much our garden plot neighbors hate us.

14. Reward the kids with McDonald's sundaes (they finished this year's math). Susie gets one, too. She says, "Now I don't have to poop in the potty to have ice cream!" Back to square one on toilet training, apparently.

15. Prep dinner.

16. Check blogs (don't want to miss anything).

17. Take all 3 girls to Payless Shoes so Anna can find appropriate footwear for her Easter/recital dress. Shoes are found, thanks be to God. Anna smiles and laughs on the way home. Will miracles never cease?

16. Take little girls to playground. Try to knit while there. Yeah, right.

17. Drive Theo to bus. Realize for the first time that he has started shaving. The world suddenly reverses its direction of rotation. Concentrate on breathing. In. Out. In. Out.

18. Cook dinner. I hate dinner.

19. Feed family. Minor crisis because Larry mistakenly bought watermelon with seeds in it. Gaaah! Much wailing and gnashing of teeth ensues.

20. Clean pots, bathe children, quickly, quickly. Must. Go. To. Knit. Night.

Pretty impressive, right? Now you know why I get paid the big bucks...


  1. Hey, you have another week before that root canal! Ain't life grand!

    Those aren't, eh hmm, the same socks you've been working won since I've been reading your blog?!

    If they are . . . that's okay. I was just wondering . . .

    Watermelon seeds are GREAT: it's truly amazing the distances they can be spit.

  2. New ones, with yarn that I picked up last month at WEBS. I'm slow, but I'm not that slow...

  3. I am so glad Anna found the shoes! I have been following that topic. I am learning as much as i can from a more experience mum (my eldest girl turns 13 soon! Help!)

  4. Shoes AND a smile. You're scoring well on the teen girl front. Woot!

    And lookit! No word veri - thanks so much for helping me get to more blogs in the time allotted.

  5. Please come organize my days. Please? I know, you're going to say you're not organized at all, but the way I'm feeling now, could you please come be MY mom for a couple of weeks? I'll let you knit socks and I promise I'm fully toilet trained, too, ice cream or not.

  6. You're amazing. All I do is clean the house repeatedly- you know, to the point where I won't be completely mortified if someone comes to the door- yet it's still always filthy. And egads, throw in OTHER stuff? Everything falls apart.

  7. Who said I did any cleaning yesterday? Or laundry? I'm always dropping the ball on something...

    And, of course, there is Flylady. God bless Flylady.

  8. AnonymousMay 29, 2008

    This looks like a pretty great day!
    I snickered at the "Now I don't have to poop" comment;)

  9. That pretty much sounds like what I do, except for the leaving the house bits. And the standardized testing because that's not required in NM.

  10. Since the only thing I ever knit is a scarf the socks impress me greatly.

  11. Tick,tick,tick. What's that sound? My botanical clock -- time to start a garden. Can there be any other explanation? ;)

  12. Shaving?! SHAVING?! That would get me, too..

  13. I love the frequency of your blog checking. I do that also. For me its like little snippets of sanity among the chaos.
    I just have to ask, do your children get as annoyed with you for checking blogs as mine do?

    My son's school teacher asked him if he should teach him how to shave. Apparently, he's the only sixth grader with a mustache.

    Horray for the shoes! They have the same effect on my daughter also.
    Heck, a new pair of shoes will make me smile too.

  14. I would have thought Anna's GOOD MOOD would have reversed the rotation of the earth.

  15. I am waaaay impressed with all you got accomplished, and the fact that you remember it all well enough to record it! Sorry about the root canal. I hope it goes...... well. (I say that hesitantly) How well can a root canal go?

  16. fannie mae - you know, it should have...

  17. The shaving would have killed me, too.

    Smiling and laughing on the way home? Shoes can do that to a girl. Congratulations on finding shoes! I know how hard shopping can be.

    Don't your kids know that back in the olden days, watermelon had seeds? Yeah, mine either.

  18. Yup - we gave them the olden days speech. I don't think they could hear us over the sound of lamentation they were making.

  19. AnonymousMay 29, 2008

    I need a nap after reading that!

  20. AnonymousMay 29, 2008

    I think you missed the post-knit-night blog check before dropping into the exhausted sleep of the homeschooling mom. Testing. I knew there was something I had forgotten to do ...

  21. You and me both sister.

    And that search term? Just creepy is all.

  22. Is it good news or bad news that the root canal wasn't here?
    My day has been fairly busy, but just insert deadly coughing inbetween. So that people ask, "are you okay?" And I nod while I sound like I have smoked for 20 years.
    I want to learn how to really knit!

  23. I'm not a mom (well, I'm a Mom to 2 fur babies and I feel good about it) - but lists like these is why I have always held the contention that Moms have THE most demanding job in the world. You rock.

    I wish I could cook you one of my desserts. Or, bring you a cabana boy to clean your house and wait upon you. :)

  24. ann - So now I'm wondering, why the heck do you bother reading my blog? To remind yourself that you don't want offspring?

  25. How do you see the google search terms???? That would totally make my 20-time-a-day-checking habit more entertaining. I'm considering Sitemeter Rehab.

  26. HOW did I manage to miss FIVE posts...Oh yeah, DH was home sick/ preparing for a medical test since last Fri...I've barely been to the blog-o-sphere.
    LOVE Strawberry Jam...sounds great!
    Hooray for Anna's new shoes!
    Garden? ugh.
    One more week till root canal?!!!
    We ahve our yearlyevaluation next Wed...I'll be thinking of you!
    I'm still working on my to do list from two weeks ago! Oh yea, it's the SAME LIST.
    Blessings, EJT

  27. Wait a minute! Easter shoes?

  28. sounds like the rest of us SAHBM, I might check my blog a few more times than you do. hehe.

  29. AnonymousMay 29, 2008

    You are getting the diaper hits, aren't you! You must be doing something right.
    My number one google search (asides from henna, which isn't amusing) is "evil fairies." This is from the post I wrote about my theory as to how my daughter got her Martha Stewart side from an evil fairy at birth, since she certainly didn't get it from me OR my husband.
    In curiosity, I googled "evil fairies" myself and found some very scary sites. There's sure some weird people out there! Not us, though, nope, we're normal, not obsessed with blogs or anything. Or diapers. Nope.

  30. I actually took the Irish twins to the doctor today and tried to check in before I realized that their appointment is next week.

  31. wait..... Anna you?


  32. AnonymousMay 29, 2008

    I'll poop in the potty for a McDonald's sundae.

    Shortman refuses to shave - although really, it's only where his hair covers up his face that he needs it. Snort.

  33. Glad your dentist appointment isn't for another whole week. (Today was my gyno appointment that I have been avoiding for about 18 months. Dentist sounds pretty good to me about now.) Both types of visits make #1 even harder and #2 quite necessary.

  34. mary alice - Sort of in my general direction, though.

  35. Let me guess: Anna was smiling because she neither had poopy diapers nor had to use the potty to get the ice cream and shoes.

    Or maybe it's something in the gravitational force of the moon: Beastie was smiling today, too. (Of course, I was taking her to the airport to fly to Houston with $75 of "spending money" per the team administrators' instructions, so why shouldn't she be?)

  36. Another week? and I believed you for a second I was like is it June 4th already?

  37. That sounds positively relaxing.

  38. Ah, the good old days when we had only 4 kids and the house was relatively clean. Now, no one cares and I am too tired to worry about it. The housework will be there Wednesday, when I start my weekend...

    I think I planted real watermelon in the garden. Of course, that was before the never ending rains a few weeks ago. I think they rotted, as they did not sprout.