Thursday, January 08, 2009

As The Food Turns: One Day Late Edition

Before I get started on our regular feature, I need to say that my writing skills (particularly at 2 AM) were not up to the task of conveying my neighbor's customary joie de vivre as he expounded on the meaning of life. He proclaimed in the most jovial of tones that life was all about not getting what you want. I still think his wife may have felt a tad annoyed at him, though. I mean, it would be hard not to take that sort of statement personally, wouldn't it?

Back to the refrigerator, however:

Glass on the left, plastic on the right, lone representative from the produce category in the middle. That's an old grapefruit, which somehow got overlooked in the deluge of holiday sweets. Too late now...

Glass, from top to bottom:

  1. potroast drippings
  2. enchilala duff, circa 2008
  3. potroast fat and some cooked carrots
  4. tortellini in spaghetti sauce, which I prepared as an extra special treat for my dairy deprived children while Theo was away and which they unanimously disliked....

Plastic, bottom to top (I'm tricky that way):

  1. ranch dip from the New Year's party
  2. tostada sauce a neighbor brought to above-mentioned festivities
  3. leftover guacamole (I left it covered, as it is too disgusting to view otherwise)(not that that has stopped me before)
  4. egg salad (also from party) (what? you don't serve egg salad at parties?)

See the flowers? Nice touch, eh? They aren't ready to be thrown out, which puzzles me. I think Larry bought them 2 weeks ago. What's up with that? Do carnations ever die?

Find out next week in "As The Food Turns"....


  1. Even guacamole that isn't left over looks like baby poo-poo. I really need to clean out my fridge but I'm're so brave!!!

  2. OK I'll ask: what in the world do you do with pot roast drippings?

  3. I would feel jipped if there had been no egg salad this week...

    but seriously, where's the Other Fridge inventory? I can't stop thinking about it!


  4. Why is it that when you make a "special treat" dinner for the kids, they always seem to hate it? I used to love cooking, but now it's just a huge bummer. I mean, who doesn't like fettucine alfredo? That's just weird.

  5. Mrs. G. - Apparently, nothing - that's why they are left over. I suppose, if I had been feeling ambitious, I could have made gravy out of them...

    Octamom - You just want to witness my total humiliation.

    Mom on the Verge - I know! Essentially, they turned up their noses at pasta and sauce. Makes no sense whatsoever...

  6. Every week you inspire me to clean out my fridge, but then I walk into my kitchen and look inside my fridge and immediately think of about 20 other things that I would rather do.
    I'm thinking it might just be easier to buy a new refrigerator.

  7. Flowers that don't die are totally freaky.

  8. I DO think the flowers add a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole thing. Maybe that's what I've been doing wrong...

  9. Carnations never die. NEver.
    I must echo Mrs. G's question...what do you do?

  10. what's enchilada duff? I made enchiladas last Sunday, and I don't remember duff...

    Just so you know, Mr. Hot had to toss 7 bottles of salad dressing that had expired when he cleaned ours out last week.

    Snort. ;-)

  11. I'm sorry, was there food?
    I'm too busy being impressed and pleased that Larry bought you flowers. :)

    My kids will eat my spaghetti and lasagna (meaning the stuff I make, not off my plate!!) but why oh why won't they eat any special pasta dishes I make with the Very Same Ingredients?!? What's up with that, anyway?

  12. Ah -- you'll love this. I just threw out week old yellow-colored rice that Scarlett has been using to practice spitting in The Miracle Worker.