Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gone Missing

Excuse my disappearance (what do you mean, you didn't notice? Hmmph...), but we just endured 2 days without the beloved Internet.

I know, I was hard. Last night we were all sitting around looking at each other and saying, "Now what?" I mean, it was like Little House on the Prairie or something. Unfortunately, Larry doesn't know how to play the fiddle; so instead the kids all went downstairs and watched a 3 Stooges DVD.

I don't know why the Ingalls family never thought of that.

So now I have approximately a zillion blog posts to catch up on. I mean, look at what happens when I'm out of the loop - Bia (!) jets off to Las Vegas (without her husband!). You know, I would have voted her the mommy blogger the least likely to do something like that. (And remember, Bia, what happens in Vegas....)

Anyway, the Verizon man just left and he's my hero. Does anyone out there realize how hard it is to live without Internet access these days? Seriously, even without a blogging addiction - every 2 minutes we needed to look up a phone number, or a time, or order some knitting supplies - and we couldn't. I got an earful from Larry for having tidily recycled the humongous phonebook the phone company insists on leaving on our doorstep every December - so I'm afraid that, once again, his packrat tendencies have been justified.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere, really; just wanted everyone to know I'm not dead yet. I seem to have missed the fridge post this week; but that just means it will be bigger and better next Wednesday, right? And now the little girls are whining because I am back on the computer - it looks as though I'll have to re-acclimate them to maternal neglect again. Or maybe just bribe them with chocolate.

Speaking of which, Larry recently switched jobs (because he's shiftless that way) and he had to empty last year's Halloween candy out of his old desk. Naturally, I pounced on it when he brought it home (um, so the children wouldn't eat it, of course). Just for the record, Halloween candy? In January? Doesn't taste too good. Especially the Almond Joys.

Yes, Larry, I know - you're not shiftless. It's a joke, because really - that is the last word that would describe you. It would be like calling Santa stingy, or...or...our President-elect inarticulate. Got that, everyone? Larry is not shiftless. He is, however, a tad touchy.


  1. And paranoid. Don't forget that one. :-) Glad to have you back. Why are you wasting time blogging? Go order yarn.

  2. I noticed your absence, really! You were dearly missed.

    Or maybe I'm just hoping that you'll bribe ME with chocolate so that I'll continue to say nice things....

  3. I do not believe you about the Almond Joy. I once saved an Almond Joy for six years and it was just as good as fresh from the store.

    No, I made that up. I have no idea what I'm talking about. Glad you're back in the land of the connected.

    And thanks for putting that button in your sidebar. :>

  4. it's torture without the internet...i'm leaving tomorrow, i'm trying to cook several meals so my family won't eat pizza all weekend, i have to iron...but i still MUST check email, etc.

    it's a sickness...but i am NOT taking my laptop, so maybe that's a sign that i'm not totally addicted.

    i'll take your advice about what happens in Vegas...or, i'll tell you at the very least.

  5. Well you could have called him some other names that were even less savory.
    And my oldest is doing virtual school, so that means I can't play online on my days off like I used to do. Sucks mucho.

  6. I wondered where you were.

    I can't imagine how awful that was for you to be without the internet.
    As for the Almond Joy, all the chocolate in our house is gone. I would LOVE a stale Almond Joy right about now.

  7. Yes, I missed you! But I'm having trouble believing a 4-month old Almond Joy doesn't taste good. I think you're just saying that so we don't beg you for some.

    When we've been out of internet (everything here is cable because Verizon sucks on our street), I hardly know what to do with myself. Usually I go around lighting candles and the kids play flashlight tag. I'm glad it was just Verizon and not your power... because it is too stinkin' cold to be without power!!

    So, you're saying Larry is shifty? Bwahahahaha

  8. I find husbands (okay, I only have one) are more 'sensitive' in these parts.

    Sometimes sulky.

    It's not pretty.

  9. Phew, I thought it was something I'd said. Glad that's all fixed
    Looking forward to an expanded old food post next week.

  10. To me, Almond Joys NEVER taste good.


  11. oops, I read your "Delurking" post so I thought I better show myself right away before you hunt me down :)

    Really enjoyed them all. Thanks!

  12. I don't know how you survived 2 days w/o the internet. You should get an award or something.

    BTW, I have personal knowledge that an Almond Joy shoved in the bottom of a purse at Halloween tastes great at Easter!

  13. I feel for you. I was out of the loop for almost all of November and part of December. No internet is like...half my brain is disabled. It's horrid. And the first week was the worst. I'm glad you're connected again.

    Sorry, I forgot to delurk the other day. I wasn't feeling chatty.

    Maternal neglect is easily remedied with chocolate. Ice cream works too, when I'm worried about stains.

  14. I wouldn't eat an Almond Joy even if it just came off the production line. Yuck.

  15. Oh honey!! Are you ok? Did you get the shakes? Any fevers or chills?
    I really did notice your absence.
    Glad you're back :)

  16. And we missed you!

  17. So let me guess, Larry is taking up a job as a fiddler so he can bring home the bacon AND entertain the troops at home when the connection fizzles. Right? Am I right?

  18. Welcome back! I agree about the candy, I was just thinking the other day, 'we're in a candy abyss, when's the next candy holiday?' Then I smiled when I thought about how close Valentine's Day is. (Almond) Joy!

  19. Ooh, I know I go nuts without the internet. I do it every summer when we go camping, although we do tend to look for locations with free wireless, then sit in our truck with our laptops, happily checking email. ;-)

    One summer, however, we had to go a full week without electricity due to 2 trees coming down in a storm. Because they were on our property, and took down our power line at the mast, we were a low priority for the electric company. Then there isn't even a Three Stooges DVD that can be watched. can watch it, but it doesn't do much lying there....

  20. first time visitor love your blog!

  21. Tell Larry I just knew he wasn't shiftless. And I'm aware that will make him feel more paranoid than ever. It wouldn't have helped to keep the phone book. I throw them away too because they never have what I'm looking for in them anyway. The net rules.

  22. If Halloween candy doesn't taste good in January, does that mean I shouldn't save it for next year's stockings?

  23. LOL did the same thing with the phone book! This old thing?? We don't need this, we look everything up on the internet. Oh wait. The power is out and I can't call the power company because I don't have the number or even a statement because I look at everything online!