Monday, January 05, 2009

Nothing Of Importance

Larry and the 2 oldest have once again left me to fend for myself while they join other homeschoolers on a ski trip. So, the remaining 4 kids and I continued eating party leftovers all day until dinner, when we ordered pizza. It is hard to believe there was ever a time I enjoyed cooking.

Now I have to finish the dishes and I don't want to do that either. I have been utterly deserted by any domesticity that I may have once possessed. 18 years of housewifery will do that to ya, you know...

That's right - 18 years...Saturday was Larry's and my anniversary. What with all the party and plumbing excitement around here, we both forgot about it until late Friday night. I remembered first, though. I do regret telling Larry right away. I could have earned lots of marriage points if I had waited until Saturday to let him in on the secret.


I can't find a knitting book of mine (The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, for those of you out there dying to know) (although, I must say, it isn't very handy at this moment); and of course it is the book that I need right now. Larry put it in a box along with all the other detritus he had removed from our computer desk before the New Year's party; and I have gone through this box umpteen times today, hoping against hope that the lost tome would turn up. It never surfaced, but I did find a large burner pan.

That's right - for an indeterminate length of time, there has been a drip pan for my kitchen stove sitting on my computer desk. In the living room. I had no idea.


My laundry room is still gorgeous, thank you. I blew it a kiss just now, when I sashayed in to put some clothes in the remarkably accessible washer. I think I'll sponge mop its newly uncovered floor tomorrow, just because I can. Ah, bliss!


kcinnova was audacious enough to ask me the following question in the comments yesterday:

So...this 2nd refrigerator you speak of...does it get cleaned out at the same time as the first refrigerator, for your "as the food turns" postings? Just wondering...

Sigh. You know, we all have to draw the line somewhere. It's just too embarrassing, even for me. But I will admit, there is salsa down there.


  1. LOL, I didn't actually expect you to clean out your 2nd fridge! Certainly not after how you have inspired me to have a weekly clean out of the vegetable rotter... I mean, vegetable drawer.
    Salsa is a popular item around here, too.

  2. Oh, and a happy anniversary to you! (sorry, I was distracted by the salsa)

  3. I know where your book is. It's in a plastic storage box which also contains crayons, random pieces of cardboard and legos which is now hiding behind a mound of laundry under the bed of your third child.

    Or at least that's where we once found the overdue library book that I had told the librarian I was positive that we had turned in months before.

    (we returned it at the drive through book return, hours after the library had closed, wearing dark glasses and with dirt over the license plates of our car)

  4. I just knew there was salsa. We have a freezer I would never dare to mention. Oops

  5. Even worse than the cooking is coming up with ideas. I hate that. Every week I sit there and try to figure out what to make for dinner, as I make up the shopping list. We don't eat red meat, and there are only so many ways to cook chicken. I don't typically mind cooking, but now it's a big stressful race against time--will I finish rinsing and preparing the raw meat before the baby wakes up crying? I tell you, my blood pressure goes up every time. It's easier to scramble some eggs.

  6. That Kcinnova is such a dreamer!

  7. You could borrow from your family's list of saints, and bug St. Anthony to help you find it. My favorite pestering prayer is "Anthony, Anthony, stick around. We've lost ___ and need it found"
    If you're not comfortable saying such prayer, have one of your Catholics say it on your behalf.

    And Amy...consider looking into Saving Dinner by Leanne Ely. She lists a week's worth of menus by season so you can take advantage of seasonal produce etc.

  8. happy anniversary. 18 years? That's impressive.

  9. Happy Anniversary.
    Bah I think we all get tired of doing the sos every day.
    At least you have the salsa to spice things up. ;)

  10. Happy Anniversary!

    I bought you a new burner pan for your desk. It should arrive in 3-5 working days.

    :^) Anna

  11. I have a freezer that I haven't even OPENED in a year. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

    Happy anniversary!

  12. Congrats on the anniversary--and, yes, you did violate Rule #791 and missed the opportunity for major marriage-leverage points by revealing the anniversary to Larry prior to the stroke of midnight on the actual day--

    there's another fridge? I kinda feel like you've been holding out on us--pictures please. It could be your weekly Thursday post. Fridge One on Wednesday, Fridge Two on Thursday....


  13. Is it possible? More salsa? I've already lost the motivation to do anything in the kitchen. What will in be like in seven more years?? Horrifying, I'm sure.

  14. Thanks for the reminder, I haven't looked in my crisper in ages. I am afraid...

  15. I had my learn to knit book a few weeks ago when I decided to use up some of that monster suitcase full of yarn and make mittens and hats for a few of the kids. I even finished the thumb of the second mitten of a pair I started 4? years ago. Now, of course, the book is gone. So I improvised on the number of stitches needed to start each hat. I used to knit a lot more than I have the last few years or so. Something about helpers who cut yarn up with scisors when I leave something out or trash an older siblings room while I am ignoring them, er knitting. :)