Wednesday, January 21, 2009

As The Food Turns: We Are One

Refrigerator? What refrigerator?

Oh. Oh, yeah...that refrigerator...

In answer to President Obama's call for unity of purpose, I have chosen to photograph the glass and the plastic containers together this week. No more false divisions here, folks; all my spoiled leftovers must forge ahead together on the way to their destiny (which, um, happens to be disposal into my stainless steel trashcan).

Let's see:

  1. turkey pot pie
  2. red beans and rice (mostly rice)
  3. gravy from I-know-not-when
  4. Chinese beef and green beans
  5. leftover oatmeal
  6. old carrot sticks

Next week you will probably see applesauce gone moldy because once again my children have opened 2 jars at once. Ditto for the Vidalia onion salad dressing...I swear, there is no stopping the waste.

Do I sound a little fed up (no pun intended)? Because that's the way that I am feeling. Just what are 2 and a half bunches of celery doing in my icebox, anyway? I mean, aside from turning brown...

Oh, and I asked Larry to pick up a little something to bring to our neighbor's Inaugural party yesterday. You guessed it - he came home with a bag of pretzels and 3 bags of potato chips. It's sort of cute, isn't it?


  1. What is with the leftover oatmeal?? I mean, who eats that stuff? I don't think even my 16yo human garbage disposal will eat it!

    I had garlic go bad last week. Garlic! I forgot I had it in the "rotter" (as we affectionately call the vegetable drawer of the fridge).

    That vidalia onion dressing makes awesome marinade/sauce for baked chicken.

    Husbands are all about the chips. Mine has given me a bad name at many a work potluck.

  2. I thought this was never going to get here. I love your Wednesdays. I love to show these posts to my mom so she can see that leftovers do not have to be saved until eternity. It's okay to throwaway. Damn. There's a slogan for you

  3. I never get to all the celery before it turns into green limpness like giant pieces of spaghetti. Then what's the point - isn't celery supposed to be crunchy?

    Leftover oatmeal sounds disgusting. Just sayin'.

  4. .... dont feel bad ... i helped a friend clean out her fridge yesterday. (there was a really gross smell .. you could smell it in the other room whenever the door was opened. I know. I'm a REAL friend!),

    and she of the 4 children who apparently cannot see what is in front of them, but must go into the BASEMENT storage to get a new container .. had ...

    Not 1, not 2, but THREE of the industrial sized applesauce, each without about 1/4- 1/3 gone.


    The miracle whip? 2 of those.


    About 8 different containers and kinds of jelly, because the 6 people in the house cannot decide on one, two or even three kinds.

  5. Kcinovva stole my comment--who saves oatmeal?

    All those leftovers DO mean you're cooking--and that's something to be proud of.

  6. Ok, first of all...oatmeal is bad before it's even leftover. Second...celery tastes like plywood and has no nutritional value. Really. And third...can you come over and take care of the smell coming from my fridge?

  7. You just reminded me that I have 2 bunches of celery in my fridge.
    I can't remember how long ago I bought them.

    I'm afraid to open the vegetable drawer.

  8. There is no such thing as leftover oatmeal. Just add a little water, mash it up with your potato masher and serve it again tomorrow.

  9. Every Wednesday, you inspire me to clean my damn fridge. Normally I lie down until the feeling goes away, though.

    I need more fridge dishes.

  10. oh, i just discovered vidalia onion it Ken's Steakhouse?

  11. I wonder how with all those kids they CAN'T polish off 2 jars of of life's mysteries. Did your husband remember the dip, though?

  12. Today's shopping day so the fridge is totally empty. I really shoudl get to the store.

  13. I like how your RED beans and rice are stored in a container with a BLUE lid...very bipartisan of you.

  14. We take politics very seriously around here...

  15. Ya know that drawer in the refrigerator that most people call the crisper? I've changed its name to suit its true function; in our home, that drawer is officially known as the rotter. Did you know that cucumbers actually liquify when left in the rotter?

  16. When you first get that celery, wrap a damp paper towel around it, put it back into the plastic bag it came in, and put it in the crisper. It will last forever.

    I use it a lot in soup. You know, the usual suspects: 2 carrots, 2 ribs of celery, and one onion, chopped and sauteed. And it doesn't matter if it's limp when you use it! (If it's not limp, peel it with the potato peeler to get rid of the strings, and fill it with peanutbutter!)

    Now, for that leftover oatmeal. Hmm. What on this Earth made you put it in the fridge in the first place?! ;)

  17. You need my husband to bring party goodies. He comes back with the chips and salsa, but also huge fruit trays, individual quiches, mini hot dogs, meatballs, pies, cakes, etc, etc. You should be at our house for Christmas!!

  18. Why does anyone buy celery? This is a serious question.

  19. Who can possibly let red beans and rice go bad? Yummmmmmmmm.


  20. I still miss the blue saran wrap---

    ...and Larry is such a gourmand.

    And Cheney totally looks like Mr. Potter...

    And I have apple sauce multiple container issues as well....

    And I have no answers to that conundrum...


  21. I can't remember when I last cleaned the fridge, so I know it needs it again. But yesterday I decided to wash the kitchen floor to mom standards, not kid standars. I moved out the fridge and stove and swept and scrubbed under them, plus moved the table so I could clean uner the radiator. My kids sweep and mop the traffic areas. They conveniently can not see the spilled jelly, or whatever that sticky stuff was originally that caused your shoes to stick to the floor when you sat at the table.