Saturday, January 24, 2009

Title Expired

That dishwasher part that was supposed to be winging its way to my domicile with all possible speed? Still isn't here. Yeah. And I absolutely, positively did need it overnight; FedEx, I am so disappointed in you.

Oh, and thanks to fawndear for making me look like a whiner. Apparently her dishwasher has been broken for over 2 months. And she has 6 kids also.


All of you who are thinking I feed my kids on 150 dollars a week can stop beating yourselves up over not being frugal enough. That is just my commissary bill. I pick up soy milk and bread locally; eggs, too, and some produce each week. So it is more like 200 dollars (sometimes more) a week. And that's only because the commissary tends to be a lot cheaper than a regular grocery store, too.

If you want to see a real grocery-shopping-maven, check out this chick. She totally puts me to shame. Incredible.


Today was one of those days when I try to remember exactly what was in those wedding vows. Let's better or worse....hmmm...

No, I don't recall anything being said about doing taxes together. Nothing about cooperating on filling out college financial aid forms either. No wonder Larry and I were having a teeny bit of trouble getting along today. Of course, it doesn't help that Larry thought it perfectly reasonable to be using last year's FAFSA worksheet instead of the current one, even though it has been completely revamped. Our discussion sounded like this:

It's just the worksheet
It's the wrong info

Repeat several times, and you've got a good sense of what our children (our poor, frightened children) (oh, and the neighbor's kid) had to listen to this afternoon...

It didn't help that the incident reminded me of the car trip when Larry insisted on using out-of-date maps. I think I am detecting a pattern here.


  1. My clothes washer's been out for a week and I am about to lose my mind!!!!
    Three adults and one kid can not manage without a washing machine.
    Oh and I've never had a dishwasher.

  2. I don't go anywhere near the FAFSA--that and rodents are totally my husband's territory.

  3. ummm have fun with all that!

  4. to hear about your dishwasher. The hinge on our dishwasher door broke quite a while ago (we're assuming that a child climbed on it) but at least the dishwasher still works. However, judging by the pile of dirty dishes in our sink, the kids think that it doesn't work.
    Years ago, we decided that it was worth it to pay someone to do our taxes for us.

  5. When our dishwasher broke and the part to fix it was $200, we ended up buying a replacement after a week. We only have 3 people in our family, but I cannot fathom washing the amount of sippy cups we own by hand.

    That being said, my desktop computer kicked the bucket in November. I have been using my laptop on the kitchen table for almost 3 months now!

  6. I try to not involve my DH at all when it comes to our taxes. And I only have 3 kids (only HA!) and I don't think you are a whiner. Dishwashers are very important! Stupid FedEx!

  7. I don't do taxes or spiders.

  8. If replacing the part does not work, buy a dishwasher at costco. Ours died after 32 months. the warranteee was for 2 yrs. Costco stated that if I was unhappy with my purchase for any reason, to bring it back. They gave me the entire purchase price back on a costco gift card. Which I used to pay for most of the new one, also purchased at costco.

  9. Damn you for starting your taxes already!

  10. Good lord, woman, I'm hyperventilating on your behalf.

    I hope hyperventilating burns calories, because my household is bearing the burden of my daughter's Cupcake Factory birthday party, which means my jeans soon will.

  11. pattern? noooooo

    I too buy groceries on the cheap, but I also have half as many kids as you have. I miss commissary privileges.

  12. "Today was one of those days when I try to remember exactly what was in those wedding vows."

    Hahaha! Oh, it's sad but true that those days happen in every marriage.

  13. Our dishwasher is horribly broken. I mean, it works, but it doesn't actually clean anything. I hate it. I've tried cleaning the filter, but our dishwasher doesn't appear to HAVE a filter. HATE.

  14. good luck with the dishwasher.
    and the taxes.
    and the financial forms.

  15. I don't even have a dishwasher! I only have THREE kids though :/