Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slob Central

I just had the privilege of rummaging through the box into which Larry swept all the junk off our computer desk (I was looking for my scrapbooking tape runner - David needed it for a paper biplane he's creating). I never found the tape; but here's a partial list (and I can't emphasize the word "partial" enough here) of what I did find, in case any of you doubted my description of Larry and I as a couple of disorganized slobs.

  1. My missing knitting book (and yes, I know I said last week it wasn't in there; apparently, it was hiding)
  2. Assorted sticky notes with phone numbers scribbled on them
  3. One (large) electric stove burner drip pan (really)
  4. 4 (yes, 4) expired and/or broken cellphones
  5. One 10-dollar LLBean gift card (cool!)
  6. New-in-box computer speakers (?)
  7. 6 pens
  8. 1 paintbrush (new)
  9. 1 MP3 player that we are still trying to figure out how to use
  10. Half a bag of cough drops (Ricola)
  11. 30 dollars (finders, keepers!)
  12. An 8-month-old local newspaper
  13. Stray playing cards
  14. One golf ball
  15. Various and sundry CD-roms
  16. And much, much more!

You know, I'm tempted to turn this into a giveaway...



    That wasn't a rummage was a treasure chest!!

  2. i would like to enter the giveaway for the $30.


  3. I think the cough drops and the golf ball are worth a giveaway. Maybe if you autographed them???

  4. I'll take the money. But seriously? Not as terrible as you think. I could easily find all of that, including the much, much more, just by going through my purse, which I am not going to do now. It can wait till tomorrow.

  5. dibs on the gift card and or the cash?

  6. ok... i'll take a random stab in the dark on the mp3 player, based on the one i just had to mess with for my daughter matching that description.

    turn it on, hit menu, go down to settings... go to the one labeled usb mode.

    change it to msc, not mtp or auto.

    plug it back into the computer, and magically it will suddenly be recognized.

  7. This post made me laugh! I bet if I shoved everything from my husband's desk into a box, we would find mostly the same things... well, except for the knitting book!

  8. oh, and if that works (or even if it doesn't), check the chargers to those broken cell phones.... they just may work for the mp3 player too.

  9. I'm thinking that some jokster had hidden your knitting book then put it in the box after you had looked through it and decided it wasn't there.

    And I think it's perfectly logical to have an electric stove burner drip pan on your desk.

  10. curious: do you throw away the playing cards or do you attempt to find the game they belong to?

    i read computer SNEAKERS and wondered what that was...until i re-read the post. i'd like to have computer sneakers ;-)


  11. I cleaned out daughters closet not too long ago and it was an archeological expedition. I could not BELIEVE some of the stuff she had in there!

    And btw, TAG - you're it!

  12. You only found 1 knitting book? Darn, I wonder where mine is hiding? I thought maybe it was keeping yours company. You know, like the odd socks that disappear and the strange ones I don't recognise that show up at my house. A joke for you. What does it mean when you finish the laundry and there are no odd socks left? You are now losing them in pairs. :)

  13. I never find anything that great in my messes!

  14. I too read computer sneakers, and thought what in the world is that. LOL. I twasn't until I read the comment a couple above mine that said that it was something else - I was just planning on googling computer sneakers when i was done thinking that there was something new that had come out while I was in Honduras. (Im back for 4 months - can you guess why? and if you say to have a baby, well you are right, LOL)

    Also, what is wrong with your husband that he didn't take the $30 and put it in his pocket when he was shoving stuff in the box? I wish my husband was like that, LOL.

  15. I'm in the market for an MP3 player.
    I'll give you five bucks!

  16. Darn those piles and drawers, always eating the one item I really need to find. ....I mean, the one item YOU really wanted to find, like your knitting book... yeah, that's it.

    So is the MP3 player part of your giveaway contest?

  17. I do love the drip pan--you are so eclectic and ecumenical in your computer desk collective....