Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Yarn Cure

Octamom is demanding pictures of Fridge #2. Let's make a deal - the day I go over 10,000 readers a day, I'll post those photos. Which makes me pretty safe, as my current average hovers around 200...

My parenting today was less than stellar. I seem to have picked up the cold I thought I had ducked (which is what happens when your 3-year-old sneezes in your face), so I spent half the afternoon lying on the couch; the rest of the day I spent being spectacularly unproductive - jigsaw puzzles, cards, whining...

No, wait, it was the kids who were whining. Whatever...

Rachel has a special talent for injuring herself in bizarre ways. Today she screamed for half an hour because she had shoved a playing card under her fingernail - repeatedly.

[Are you wincing? I'm wincing.]

She says that was the only way she could pick the card up from the floor. I say she was inflicting Karmic payback on herself for a former life spent as a torturer of political prisoners.

It refuses to snow here, which makes me grouchy. How about you all point me to something funny, heh? I could use a laugh, if only to distract me from the ennui that seems to currently be my life.

Yes, I am aware that a good cure for ennui is to start some new knitting project. And order some yarn. Believe me, I'm on it.


  1. Just found this in my bloggy travels tonight.....

  2. I'm a regular at Sister Mary Martha's - she's a kick!

  3. Oh ouch. She nailed herself a good one.

  4. OK, well what about some visual humor? http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/
    Have you seen this one too?

  5. How do you find the time to homeschool?!

  6. I'll give a second recommendation for cakewrecks, and also send you to glittergonebad.blogspot.com I think they might have some knitting projects for you to laugh at or make you queasy.

    You want snow? I'll mail you some. We got plenty.
    We're currently out of salsa, maybe we could work out some sort of trade?

  7. Yeah, and if jillybean's snow gets lost in the mail, I've got a bumload for you, too. It's January 6th...run along, snow!!!

  8. Watch some public access television.
    I mean really watch a whole program.
    It can be pretty funny.

  9. I ordered the yarn. The yarn arrived really, really quickly (from the other side of the country, no less). I've had no time at all to even touch the yarn, never mind knit any of it. It's still in the plastic packaging.

    But then, you know what I've been doing all week anyway. Laundry, and freaking out. Sigh.

  10. Heavens to Betsy, I didn't know yarn was a real, honest to goodness cure!! Here I thought you were just distracting yourself from you malaise with beautiful pictures of gorgeous yarn.

    Silly me.

  11. You want winter? :) Snow, Ice? I remember when Quebec had their Ice Storm in '98...although apparently there was an even bigger Ice Storm in Switzerland in '95. I found some pictures for you!


    If you want snow, you can come up North and visit, we have so much snow here! I'm starting to get tired of scraping the car everytime I need to go get something at the store. Add the deck shovelling, the driveway shovelling and all the layers of clothes needed to ward off the cold, and I think the Northerners are almost ready for Spring! Warm weather would be nice. :)

  12. My gosh, I'm familiar with the yarn addiction. My co-worker in the cube next to me is a knitter, and she always talks about having more yarn than she will ever be able to use. And then she talks about going to the yarn store.

  13. You need some snow--and wine to help with the whine. I hate it when I think I've dodged a cold and find it got me anyway.

  14. I picked up some yarn for a cardigan (Mr Greenjeans from Knitty)last week when my LYS had a sale. This is the first project that I've made solely for myself...let's hope I don't get interrupted by projects for other people!

  15. Lovely, lovely yarn. It almost makes me wish I knew how to knit. (I'll leave that to you experts!)
    And I'm with you on the lack of snow. This freezing rain sucks. I WANT SNOW!!! (whine, complain)

    Here is one of my favorite smiles for Mondays:

  16. i am so sick of my daughter's fake injuries. She whines and gets very dramatic. I'm so over it. Unfortunately, now I totally ignore her even if she is really hurt. Which of course is the downside.

    Feel better!!

  17. Here's something funny:


  18. Oooooh.... is all that your yarn? Pretty.... whatcha makin'?

  19. Okay. I just spent the last ten minutes trying to google a funny knitting joke for you.

    I found several, but I didn't understand them. Does that make me a knit-whit?

  20. My kids are funny..... want me to send them over?
    BTW that yarn looks yummy!