Thursday, January 05, 2017

Hoi Polloi

Vanities are being delivered to our house tomorrow (OMG, is every post for the next month going to be about bathroom renovations? Probably), which means that I had to find a place to put them.

"We'll just move the dresser at the foot of our bed into Brian's room," Larry said, breezily, "and move that chair out of the corner. We can put the boxes there."

I happen to think these are decorative
Then he went back to reading whatever depressing news site he was looking at on his tablet and I went upstairs alone, where I cleaned off the top of my yarn dresser (shut up, it is TOO normal to have a yarn dresser), went through the huge pile of flotsam and jetsam that was sitting on the floor NEXT to the (totally normal) yarn dresser, moved the many baskets of yarn (you know, the yarn that, uh, doesn't quite fit inside the yarn dresser) downstairs to the living room (whence I had taken them while cleaning up for last week's party), swiffered the floor, picked up all manner of gift-wrapping debris, and moved the chair.

That took a while. And it is only one small smidgen of what I have to do to get ready for these contractors. I'm ready to cry.

At least, once these vanities are delivered, we will be almost done dealing with the place we ordered them from. The store is, I swear, staffed by the most condescending salespeople I have ever met. It was almost as if they could sense that our natural habitat is in the aisles of Home Depot, arguing over which mass market vanity would make us both happy (answer: none of them), and NOT in an upscale bathroom furniture showroom.

Larry was willing to go to jail over these.
They would, of course, have been right in that assumption. Nevertheless, we soldiered on, practically begging someone to wait on us because the receptionist (oh, excuse me, the concierge) neglected (twice!) to give us the magic pager that puts you on the special waiting list to see a salesperson. We finally managed to order our stupid vanities and never would have set foot in that place again, except we foolishly decided to buy mirrors framed in wood that would match our previous purchases.

The condescension was even worse the second time around. I swear, the receptionist (concierge) seemed on the verge of calling security when she saw us. By the end of our visit, Larry was so pissed off, he refused to commit to returning their precious samples of wood within 2 days (we needed them for our trip to the paint store).

Seriously, I was beginning to think he would lose his cool entirely and I'd have to post bail. It would have been worth it, though. TOTALLY worth it.


  1. You have more patience than me -- and I'm not talking about renovations at home. Stores that don't have good customer service are my new enemy. When you're done dealing with them, maybe you can visit the BBB website? (I did that tonight at work. It was exceptionally gratifying to lodge a complaint.)

  2. PS: A yarn dresser is an excellent idea and I'm proud to know you. (I just leave my craft supplies all over the place, often in bags stashed where I'll never find them again.)

  3. I too, have a Yarn Dresser (yes, it deserves formal capitalization of its title). Now I don't feel so alone in the world.
    I too, am proud to know you. :-)
    Paula fm SnB

  4. I have a Yarn Cabinet, with glass fronted doors, from Tar-jay. It's very classy.
    And I also have baskets of yarn like yours---and yes, they are decorative. Sounds like a fun project you're starting out on and I have one coming up. I'll learn from yours how to do mine.

  5. I hate snobby business people. Uh obviously you aren't rich enough that you don't need a job so you can just kiss my a$$ lol

  6. These snotty people need to realize that money is money and every customer is important. I'd lodge complaint with management.

  7. Do those snobs have ANY idea who you are? Next time your Susie gets sick, bring her down there and have her lick all their doorknobs.

    1. Now I really want Susie to do this! (But I draw the line at wanting her to get sick just to get revenge.)