Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It was a Parcheesi kind of day today, while Larry was busy destroying our basement (more on that below) and the contractor was hammering away upstairs in our dismantled master bathroom. I taught Susie how to play and we whiled away a couple of hours, whilst Larry hauled wheelbarrow loads of torn-up drywall out to the pickup truck he rented from Home Depot and then drove it all to the dump. I think we all can agree that Larry sure knows how to spend a holiday weekend.

It was also a play-with-your-yarn sort of day - when I wasn't torturing Susie with old-fashioned board games, I was busy photographing my yarn and adding it to my Ravelry stash. Susie saw me taking pictures of my recent yarn purchases and said, "Why are you doing that? That is really silly." But I think she's just mad I won at Parcheesi.

I also organized all my leftover sock yarn and started using it to knit a lap blanket. Those of you who do not play with fiber may not realize that knitters consider both of these activities to be a lot of fun. They are also useful if you are trying to ignore the fact that your husband is busy wrecking your house again.

Rachel decided to destroy my resolution to start eating healthy again (mostly because all the New Year's party candy is gone, but still) by baking a batch of vanilla scones and slathering them with butter. She says she just needed a break from homework, but I know better. She has it in for me.

They were delicious.

Our renovation crisis du jour: our bathroom contractor opened the box holding the shower head and handle-turny-thingy (I'm trying not to get too technical here) that Larry and I had already wasted an hour of our lives on (selecting and ordering it at Lowes was no mean feat) and discovered something was missing. "Where's the valve?" he asked, for all the world as if he believed I knew something, anything, about plumbing.

"What?" I said.

"This is just a kit," he said. "Where's the valve?"

"You mean the handle?" I asked. "The thing that turns off and on?"

"No, the valve," he said, waving the apparently deficient shower head around as he tried to explain. "The VALVE. Where is it?"

"Um, not here?" I guessed.

So I ended up running out to Home Depot to buy a whole new showerhead/handle-turny-thingy with valve. I mean, first I tried to find just a valve, all by itself, but the salespeople looked at me as if I had 3 heads. "That's special order," they said.

That gold thingy up there, on the left - that's a valve

They have an entire section called plumbing, full of things I don't even recognize, and none of them was a valve. Go figure.

Just the beginning...
And, last but not least, Larry commenced the basement demolition today, as part of his ongoing effort to insulate our entire house.

Oh, wow, that link reminded me: it was exactly 2 years ago that he ripped all the walls out of our living room and dining room! Good times, people, good times...

He also had the roofing guy by, to look at a vent pipe that may or may not have caused our bathroom ceiling to start dripping again, and Andy was also here, fixing said bathroom ceiling. So now maybe you can better understand why today seemed like the perfect time to bury my head in yarn and eat my weight in baked goods today.  Let ye who is without sin cast the first scone...


  1. Let ye who is without sin cast the first scone...
    You are hilarious! And I'll eat scones anytime rather than throw them.
    Kudos to you for 1) owning a Parcheesi game and 2) teaching your kids to play it. I don't knit and I'm envious of your yarn stash, and YES, you made the right decision on how to spend your day... except for that unfortunate incident that took you back to the DIY store. But that was totally not your fault.
    I wonder what Larry will do when he finally has the entire house insulated.

  2. I have a delicious recipe for scones that I'd love to bake, but I need more people in the house, or I'll just eat them all.
    I can imagine all that yarn just calling out to be used. I was the same way with fabric. I KNOW there are two boxes in the attic with all the scraps from the clothes I made my daughter when she was young, but can I find them? No. I remember envisioning myself making her a Cathedral Window quilt with all the scraps. I don't see this happening anymore!

    1. I finally made myself get rid of the scraps from the skirts my oldest daughter sewed when she was 12. She's 23 now.

  3. Knitting, baked goods and board games, you have listed some of my favorite snow day activities. The pounding in the basement, however, I would skip.

  4. Yes, just what will Larry do once he's finished insulating everything?

  5. Good grief. It sounds very noisy. The scones look good, though. And even though I don't do knitting or sewing, the yarn looks calm and soothing. Maybe I could take up arranging yarn as a hobby.

  6. ack I like to leave when Scott is working on things. He gets angry and cusses a lot.