Monday, January 30, 2017

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Remember this post last week? Where I was making fun of myself for thinking I had taken all the Christmas decorations down and then I noticed that red-and-green paper chain hanging in clear view on my kitchen wall?

Yeah, that one.

Well, for starters, it is still there. Apparently, I am too busy blogging about it to take it down. And then, the other night, while I was taking pictures of Rachel modeling my Nurmilintu shawl, I noticed that there was a chain hanging above the dining room doors. Hey, that's understandable, I thought. It's way high up and out of the way.

Who would even look up there, amirite?

So tonight I was taking that picture of it there to share with all of you, when Susie said, "What are you doing?"

"I'm taking a picture of that paper chain. I thought they were all gone, but I missed one."

"But there's more," Susie said.

"What? No, there isn't."

"Mommy, turn around."

Note the 2 pieces of stolen wood propped decoratively on our mantel

Danged if she wasn't right - there was a HUGE chain stretching across the entrance of the den. I must walk under that thing 50 times a day on my way to the computer.

"Shoot," I said, aiming my camera (see what I did there?) at the offending decoration, "I thought they were all gone!"

By this time, I kid you not, Susie was rolling on the floor and screeching with laughter. "Look at the windows, Mommy! The windows!"

Feels like a horror movie - the Christmas that wouldn't DIE

Double dang. These living room windows are in my direct line of sight every single time I walk in the front door. My only defense is that all of these are hung out of my reach, so it's hard for me to take them down. Although that wouldn't explain why I don't even SEE them, right? Yikes.

What else am I missing, I wonder...


  1. "Shoot," I said, aiming my camera....
    Last week, during one of my suffering teen's good hours, he raided the decorations in the garage and randomly placed a few out-of-season items around the house. Today I noticed the autumn windsock gaily hanging in front of the kitchen door. I am you, without the knitting skills or a younger child laughing (my husband managed the laughing at me).

  2. 1. Those look like cobwebs to me. Cobwebs from talented spiders with lots knitting projects below to draw inspiration from.
    2. Usually you notice the green parts turning brown, and that obviously hasn't happened here. Leave them up until you see some color changing.
    3.Since you're not looking up, the floors must be really clean.
    4. Should I have made the previous 3 points into 3 separate comments?

  3. One year I bought these little redwood laser cut ornaments to hand in front of the living room windows. Not very big. They made such a nice bit of background there.

    Guess when I noticed they were still there? July...

  4. Hahahaha!! This post is priceless.

  5. That is so funny! right over your nose!