Thursday, January 12, 2017

I'm Not Even Going To Bother Titling This

Really? NO ONE was impressed by my post title yesterday? I was so darn proud of myself.

So, earlier this month, Theo spent a week with us on his way back from the Sinai before heading to Ft. Bragg. As is his wont, he brought his parents and siblings gifts from overseas.

We know what that means, right? It means that there are a couple of newcomers to what has become a considerable collection of camels.

Sandstone on the left, and I guess plastic on the right

These fine specimens join their fellows, featured on this blog a good 2 years ago:

Wooden ones, from Tunisia

I forget where this guy comes from

Leather, from Morocco

The saddles open up on these

Also, and totally unrelated, I thought that this was the year I had actually managed to pack up ALL the Christmas tchotchkes without leaving any behind. Alas, as usual, I was wrong. While I was cleaning up before history class this afternoon, I discovered these lovelies hiding on my dining room hutch:

A pair of left-behind candle holders

What's annoying is that we haven't used these in years, because I keep forgetting to get candles for them. And even if I did get candles for them, we probably wouldn't use them much, as I am terrified of open flames around children. The whole time they'd be lit, I would be shouting "Watch out!" and waiting for someone's hair to catch fire.

I'm a lot of fun.

So the question is, should I let these things knock around the house the entire year (as the Matryoshka Santa did all last year) or should I just give them away to someone who is less pyrophobic than I am? I can't decide.


  1. I am kind of a freak about candles too, since 2 of my 6 children have managed to singe their eyelashes off by hovering too near a lit candle while they were waiting to blow them out. Maybe we can form some sort of club or something!

  2. You, my dear woman, are a perfect candidate for the flameless candles. Get thee to Hobby Lobby and check them out. I don't know if they make flameless taper candles though. So, if they don't, and you don't cherish these candle holders, I'd let them go.

    And yeah, usually I have the same problem - I think everything is packed up and then that one item pops up. I'm hoping that since I was so minimalistic in my decorating this year that this is the year I'm successful.

  3. Yesterday's title had me singing it in my head as soon as I saw it. Truly! I obviously failed to share that in my comment.
    My dh left several angels up all year long last year (and it didn't bother me enough to put them away) so I might be a bad influence, but I say you should use them year-round with flameless candles or maybe just as bookends.

  4. I love the camels too! And GREAT title on the last post. Just read it now.

  5. Camels. That's an interesting selection to collect.
    But cool.

  6. I'm always worried someone will burn the house down.

    The camel collection is fun!