Thursday, January 26, 2017


See that red-and-green paper chain hanging in full view on my kitchen wall? Well, I certainly didn't, not until today. Apparently, when I say that I have taken all the Christmas stuff down, someone should check my work.

Oh, and here's a lovely picture of what Larry, in his quixotic quest to insulate our entire home, has done to our basement over the past week or so. Just to be clear here, that is the INSIDE of our basement, not the outside. Feels very cozy, for sure...

Susie, unfortunately, has taught herself how to make lemon bars. She baked 2 batches over the past 3 days. Double batches, really. This new hobby of hers is wreaking havoc with my already nonexistent waistline.

And, lest you forget, make sure to comment on this post from earlier in the week if you are interested in winning a copy of the book Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It's much more than your standard learn-to-knit book, filled as it is with ruminations on the knitting lifestyle and the nature of creativity. It also has a sock recipe.

A SOCK RECIPE. I mean, that's almost as irresistible as lemon bars...


  1. I read this post, laughed at the paper chain, raised my eyes and saw two dozen Christmas cards taped to the inside of my front door. Now I want lemon bars.

    1. I think Larry finally took down the Christmas cards. I forgot all about them.

  2. Happens to the best of us (missing some decor? Or waistline sabotage? Both.).

  3. I think it is an iron-clad rule that a minimum of one rogue Christmas decoration will be found after all the others have been put away. At my house, the only thing that's been put away is the tree. Pass the lemon bars, please!

  4. I've been reading "The Yarn Harlot" for years and would love to have the book. I love her humor and insight, and need a sock pattern

  5. Christmas decorations are still up in the kitchen and on the mantle. Also, I suppose I should put away the Christmas dishes, too.
    Maybe this weekend, she says, not very hopefully.

  6. Lynn MaydenJanuary 27, 2017

    Can you believe I have never tried to knit? Is it good for stress relief? I am assuming as long as I don't have an exact deadline for a project of course.

  7. ON my bucket list is knitting socks. Someday. And lemon bars! I'd be bloated with them.