Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Feel Rich

I was so busy telling you about my exciting, home-renovation-filled Monday that I neglected to regale you with the tale of our car crisis the day before. You see, on Sunday, Rachel and I were heading out to Costco to get her new glasses (this actually took 2 tries, because apparently it is customary to bring one's eyeglass prescription along when attempting this task - who knew?); but when we got to my minivan....

Remember? The 8-year-old minivan I chose to keep, so Larry could get the new car, just a few short weeks ago... key fob wasn't opening the electric sliding doors. And neither were the buttons inside the car. We had to push the doors open slo-o-owly. By hand. I know, first-world problem, but still.

Random yarn picture, because prettier than cars
"Was this happening yesterday?" I asked Rachel. Larry had used the van Saturday to transport a bunch of Civil Air Patrol cadets to a weekend workshop.

"Oh, yeah, we were opening them this way the whole time!" she said.

Nice of them to let me know...

So I spent the ENTIRE DAY worrying about the minivan and Googling repair costs and kicking myself for not handing Larry the old minivan and getting myself a new one while I had the chance (hey, Larry doesn't have to load and unload kids a zillion times a week. He'd probably NEVER use the sliding doors). I was reading quotes as high as $2000 a door, because apparently the cable eventually frays and somehow that wears out the motor, and I don't even know what I am talking about here, but hey, $4000.

And now I can buy more yarn...

Still, odd that both doors went at once, right? Right.

Somewhere along evening, I read that, if the electric isn't working, it's easier to manually open the doors if you set the master power door button to Off. So I went outside to fix this master power door button that I didn't even know existed - you know, the one down below and to the left of the steering wheel? Where maybe Larry's knee could inadvertently hit it?

Yup, it was already off. And that's how I saved $4000 on Sunday.


  1. Well that was a great fix haha

  2. Don't you love when you find the fix - for free?!

  3. How much of the minivan is dedicated to yarn storage? And is it a "hot-sauce-accessible" vehicle (placard-available)?

    Not to admit anything (#FirstWorldProblems), BUT in the NEW car, the on/off switch for the steering wheel heater is in an obscure location on the steering column, but not likely to be hit by a knee. BUT why do "automotive engineers" think there should be an "important feature" that is unlabelled and difficult to find? I am thankful that those engineers are not in charge of something important. Except for their obligations to the democratic state in which we live.

    1. Steering wheel heater? I admit, I read that and thought, "Now THAT's ridiculous!" And then I went out to drive my son to the train and thought, "You know, this steering wheel really is cold this morning..."

  4. Until you told us of finding that master power button, I was feeling smug about my people-powered doors. Huh. Who would have known? I'm giving you credit for brilliance here.
    Also? That is some beautiful yarn.

  5. Two fists up in the air cheer! I loooove problems that get resolved without major financial investments.

  6. Who said women don't 'get' cars. That was brilliant (but you really should have got the new car).