Thursday, January 05, 2017

26th Anniversary - That's Sheetrock, Right?

I lost, folks. In our annual competition to see who will remember our anniversary first, I am usually a strong contender; but this year? Larry won right out of the gate. "Happy Anniversary!" he shouted at me (lovingly) as soon as I opened my eyes on Tuesday morning (which, if you will recall, is the same morning he couldn't even remember that our daughter needed to go to school, ahem).

I don't know if it was a fair win, though - I mean, I didn't even KNOW what day it was at that point.

We bought THREE of these
I have to clean out my entire master bathroom and part of my bedroom this weekend because contractors are coming next week to rip out our existing bathroom and install one that actually works. That's right - soon we will actually have shower tiles that don't move when you push on them, shower doors that don't fall off the track and land on my head, and a toilet that does not insist on flushing itself in the middle of the night.

Best of all, I will be able to take a shower without having to wait for one of the kids to finish theirs. I swear, with all 5 (7 over the holidays) of us wrapped in towels and waiting in line for the one shower that works in this house, it feels like living in a college dorm -- only, uh, less fun. WAY less fun.

I would like to note here that my sister-in-law and her husband managed to raise 3 girls to adulthood in a house with one bathroom. ONE toilet. ONE sink. ONE shower. Anyone who has teen girls can appreciate the enormity of this feat. So maybe I should just stop complaining.

When the contractors finish the master bath, they will be doing the same thing to the bathroom in our basement. And, because Larry (as we know) is no half-measures kind of guy, he is going to spend this month ripping out all the basement walls and the flooring.

Why? So he can install insulation, of course. As for myself, I am going to spend the next month trying to pretend that NONE of this is happening.

Exhibit A: You CAN find anything on the Internet

Sometimes denial is good for a marriage, you know. Even a 26-year-old one...

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  1. Sheetrock for the 26th anniversary? That's probably about right. I don't recall anything about that particular anniversary, and right now I can't remember what year it was, so I'm not exactly the poster girl for romance. Whatever.
    Happy renovation?

  2. Holy moly aren't you out of rooms to redo yet lol. We only have one bathroom and I have 3 kids. One is gone now but we are still constantly doing the huge sigh when someone is in there with the door locked. Heaven forbid if you get in the shower and lock the door. That means EVERYONE'S gotta crap and can't get in!

    1. One would think we were out of rooms to insulate, right? I don't know what Larry will do with himself once he actually does finish the entire house.

  3. We have a bathroom remodel in our future. My husband says that HE will do the demo. Oh, joy. Does he have a plan to dispose of everything that he rips out, since we don't have our own private dumpster? No, he does not.
    Good luck with yours and congratulations on having a contractor. I'm still searching for one. And Happy Anniversary!!!

    1. Larry rents a truck from Home Depot for a few hours and drives everything to the dump. I tried to convince him to go with the Bagster idea, but he's old school.

  4. Pretending nothing is going on IS the reason my husband and I are still married after 26 years...

  5. Hooray for a new bathroom! May its coming be swift and uneventful.

    That is a very special toilet that will flush itself during the night.

    We had to get two new bathrooms within the past year. If it is possible to love a toilet, I love our new toilets which have a very efficient flush. But make sure you know what HEIGHT of toilet you are getting. In the first bathroom the people installed a toilet for giants (the salesman was about 6 feet tall, so that might have had something to do with it). I hate to get all graphic and everything in your blog comments, but certain short individuals in our household can't reach their feet to the floor when using the Tall Toilet.

  6. We just had our 26th anniversary as well. My DH decided that was a good day to schedule his colonoscopy. Good for him, but really - on our anniversary?

  7. Your life is about to change in ways you cannot even fathom. Enjoy!