Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where There's Smoke, There's Dinner

Sue mentioned the other day that she was so inspired by Top Chef that she attempted a new recipe for her family's dinner, with disappointing results (hilarious, but disappointing). This made me think about how unrealistic and misleading cooking shows can be. I, for one, would be glad to star in a cooking show that demonstrates what it is really like when a mother of 4 or more kids tries to cook dinner.

Picture it - I could appear before the audience in a real kitchen: old phone numbers and miscellaneous magnets hanging all over the refrigerator door; a counter cluttered with the candy canes we're saving for hot cocoa and a bowl full of almond shells that a certain teen family member was too darn lazy to throw out; and the requisite sinkful of dirty dishes in the background. The featured recipes would, of course, require no more than 2 steps, maximum. In the process of preparing them for the TV audience, I would also demonstrate how to search for the right-size bowl in a cabinet filled with mismatched Gladware and how to locate the proper ingredients (or some reasonable facsimile thereof) in a refrigerator replete with bottles of salsa and leftover egg sandwiches.

Best of all, the whole world could watch how my stove smokes every time I turn it on because I don't get around to cleaning the burners.

I wrote this idea in Sue's comments, where Jillybean saw it and ran with it. Totally. Hop on over to her place to see her put the "real" back into reality. You'll be glad you did...


  1. I would totally watch your show. Do it and put it on You Tube.

  2. Let me know when to set my DVR!

    You are more than welcome to join our inauguration party, kids included!**
    Just shoot me a message (blog, e-mail, or direct message on twitter) and I'll give you directions!

    **Yes, there will be a reluctant teen or two there as well.

  3. I'm torn -- that show would either be reeeeeeally funny or reeeeeeally depressing. Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes...

    Yesterday, in total lack of inspiration, I asked everyone what they wanted for dinner. They all wanted either "I don't know" or "I don't care". So, I asked The Husband what the ingredients were for "I don't care", and he went out and brought home Chinese. ;)

  4. after being sick for a few days and (lots of tv cooking to waste my time), i have to say, i like your idea! a lot! i would be a faithful viewer :-)


  5. i would watch that. everyone would watch that.

    also. don't you hate how they have all the ingredients pre-measured and in lovely glass bowls, as if flour and sugar do not come in boxes or bags, but just magically appear in lovely piles in tranparent dishes?

  6. Oh dear, I only have one child but what you described could totally take place in my kitchen.

  7. Thank you! I seriously HATE fixing dinner! HATE. ITS. GUTS. My biggest complaint? Trying to figure out what the H to fix! I KNOW someone is going to hate it. Dinner time seriously puts my stomach in knots. My husband and my oldest fight over how picky he (child) is. Which is true but it still causes me so much stress! I hate dinner time!

    Laughed my butt off on Jill's post.

    Oh, and I was here for a while because I was reading some of your posts in the side bar thing. So, Pleasant Grove, UT??? That's me :)

  8. Jill always makes me laugh so dang hard! LOve the comment!

  9. Here, here! I've always thought they should have a show called "30 Minute Meals with Two Toddlers and a Baby Afoot"

  10. I can guest-host the episode on how to cook for a 12 year old that wont eat anything except peanut butter.

  11. I gave you a little award. I don't comment often, but I read and enjoy all your posts! Stop by my site when you have a free moment.


  12. LOL at the whole stove smoke thing!
    The SAME thing happens at my house every time I turn it on! Funny stuff!

  13. Absolute reality. Mine would include children dragging kitchen chairs over to the counter and fighting eachother (physically) to "help" put the ingredients in.

    Heading over to see another interpretation.

  14. I love this idea! It could be my kitchen! LOL!



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