Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's The Real Thing

Long ago, I suspected that diet soda was a self-perpetuating market.  After all, how many skinny people do you see drinking it?  Well, now I have scientific proof that diet soda makes you fat

Ah, nothing like science to justify my high-fructose corn syrup Coke habit.  Pass me that bottle, will ya?

Just in case you had forgotten just how dippy 1970 was...

[Image Credit: InfoBarrel]


  1. I have always thought this! I remember going to my very overweight sister's house and opening her fridge and it was full of diet soda. She'd only take saccharine in her hot drinks. It registered to me that there was a real disconnect.. . . .

  2. I knew it was the diet soda! Thank god the cake eating can continue.

  3. In college, my husband stocked the girls' dorm vending machines. He knew that 2 items would always be sold-out: Hostess cakes and diet coke!

    Oreos are still a go...they help you get more calcium!

  4. I dunno. Sometimes I just want something a little sweet and fizzy to wake up my head. Diet soda does the trick.

    I like diet soda, but I do know that Americans' sugar addition really started when aspartame became popular. I swear, after years of saccharine, aspartame tasted like ambrosia.

    Now we're used to having everything sweet -- very, very sweet. Sweet, fatty, and salty. Like, well, everything at Denny's. ;)

  5. I love how people supersize their burger and fries--and have a diet coke with that. WTF? Regular size it and have a shake!
    My husband does that--the diet version. I think it tastes like chemicals.

  6. Back away from my caffeine and no one gets hurt...

  7. Ahhh that dorky commercial - I loved it as a kid!

    But for me? "Just for the taste of it...Diet Coke." I'm a freak, I know.

  8. I can't stand the taste, so I guess I'm lucky. Also I hate the word "diet", though I seem to be on one constantly.

  9. Flashbacks to my 20's when I had a bucket of diet coke every day for lunch. A bucket of chemicals. 20 years on, I think my body is still recuperating. Haven't touched the stuff in over a decade- even the coke logo gives me the shivers:)