Tuesday, October 05, 2010

And Your Little Girl Scout, Too!

Whew!  I've spent the last 2 days re-adjusting to life with kids around.  Go figure - I have almost 19 years of living with kids under my belt; yet, after a mere 36 hours off, I forgot how to manage.  What?  You want to be fed?  What do you mean, "Where are my clean clothes?"  And, for heaven's sake, can't you go to the potty without announcing it?

I'll be okay - I mean, I think I'll be okay.  A little chocolate wouldn't hurt, though....

On the bright side, however, the friends Larry and the kids went camping with are planning another camp-out for the spring.  I vote for Mother's Day weekend, myself.  Forget the flowers and the card - just make yourselves scarce for a couple of days.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that...

Look - I am a mere burned-out shell of the mother I used to be, and I know it.   Generally, I have made peace with the fact that I am not nearly as fun and optimistic and energetic, parenting-wise, as I was 10 years ago.  Generally.  Unfortunately, we have Girl Scouts tomorrow. 

As mentioned previously in this blog, most of the mothers in this particular scout troop - wonderful women, all of them - are still young enough to be members of the zealously nurturing school of parenting.  I know they must see me as a cautionary tale, a ghost of parenting future, as it were.  I don't get excited about trips to the local fake pumpkin farm, I couldn't care less what badge the girls are working on, and damned if I'm sleeping in a tent just so the 8-year-olds can have what is essentially a big outdoor slumber party.

You know, you can microwave a s'more.

In short?  Going to these meetings, much as I like the other mothers there, makes me feel like a gray-haired old hag.  I swear, I start channeling the evil witch who appeared at Sleeping Beauty's christening. 

Wet blanket, anyone?

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  1. I'm that way about Cub Scouts. Luckily, most of the other moms are right there with me. We have been known to hang out in the kitchen and drink beer while the den leader (a dad) tries to run a meeting with a bunch of 5th grade boys in the next room.
    Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

  2. Maybe there's something obvious I'm missing here, but why do 'we' have Girl Scouts? In my Scouting days, except for a couple of gung-ho types who volunteered to be leaders, the mothers gratefully ditched their kids at the door and went off to do some grocery shopping or something until the meeting was over.

  3. Funny how the older you (I) get the less involved I want to be! Unless someone is begging me I'm not signing up to help with anything!

  4. You crack me up!
    All of this.
    And you're a Girl Scout mom like I'm a Boy Scout mom!

  5. I am *exactly* the same way with my younger girl's Girl Scout troop. I refuse to camp and haven't paid any attention to which badges she's earned.

  6. Great, great, post!

    My sentiments exactly!!!

  7. Sara has been in the same girl scout troup for 9? years. Her leader started when her oldest daughter was a daisy and will quit when her youngest (now 15) graduates from high school. Not me, "let me know when to drop them off and pick them up, "how much do they need to raise, I'll write a check" is my motto. :)

  8. It's funny, but this is when I knew I was done having babies--I was watching my oldest son at a t-ball game and I thought, "I can muster enthusiasm for this twice more--probably--but after that? No way." That's how my youngest got to be the youngest.

  9. At least you were enthusiastic at some point. Some of us - blushing - were born old funless hags even before becoming mothers :( Yes, I am saving for therapy...