Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Day

I  took the youngest 3 ice skating today, despite the fact that it was raining to beat the band.

I don't know what that means, either.

David and I made  Ree's Scrumptious Apple Pie. The caramel topping is sheer genius.

No, my diet isn't going too well, as a matter of  fact.

I have tried but failed to style my new hair correctly.  It was beautiful while it lasted, though.

It rained some more.

We watched 2 I Love Lucy episodes and laughed our heads off.  Remember the one where Fred and Ricky leave Ethel and Lucy at the restaurant washing dishes?  How did I never notice that Fred gets the funniest lines?
See all those dishes?  That's me, every single day.  All because of my broken piece-of-crap dishwasher...

The kids cleaned up the family room while I threatened to throw out all their possessions.  Good times.

I'm trying now to work on my editing at the bookstore, but I've been forced to sit within earshot of a local book club discussing Dave Sedaris's latest: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.  I keep hearing tidbits like "How do we know this book isn't autobiographical?"

Tell me, where is the Geneva Convention when I need it?  If this isn't torture, I don't know what is.


  1. Oh my, that book club does sound distracting. I've heard of that book but the title sounds kind of perverted to me so I haven't pursued it any further. I am so done with hearing the intimate details of other people's lives. TMI overload! I long for Victorian times when people didn't discuss certain topics. And I have NO idea what the book is even about!!!!! Talk about being judgmental! LOL!

    Hope you got your editing done!

  2. YOu threaten the same way I do! And you can't style your hair the day after a new cut the same way I do! We have so much in comon.

  3. Threatening children? Styling hair? Public distractions? You're singing my song...

  4. You have hit on the exact reason I stopped going to book club...does it really matter what the character was thinking? Does any of it really matter? It's FICTION!!!!!! Can't we all just say we enjoyed the book and get back to the wine?

  5. I know it is different for us moms...but happy Friday anyway!!!

  6. I was going to comment about the ice skating when it's been bouncing around near 90 here, but that autobiographical question has me laughing too hard!

  7. That pie looks awesome. I'm clicking for that recipe.

    Threatening to get rid of toys does wonders for a cluttered house.

    We have started watching I Love Lucy shows, thanks to you. And THANK you!

  8. William Frawley was a known drunk and was often on the set bombed out of his mind. If you watch enough shows, you see that he makes the most mistakes. He also hated Vivian Vance!

  9. Oh, man, I love Lucy is the best! I love the one where they're working in a candy factory - and eating half the candy as it comes down the line.