Monday, October 25, 2010

Refrigerator Frenzy

The comments on yesterday's post were frighteningly enthusiastic.  Concerned commenters offering kale recipes, Marinka demanding a poster-sized photo of the clean refrigerator (I assume to hang in the front of hers, to make it look neat and organized), franzi wanting to trade fridges (but, no, Franzi - we've discussed this previously - you Europeans have fridges that are too small for the typical overfed American)....things were getting a little weird.

You know, I had no idea that the refrigerator posts were so missed.  2 of you even inquired, rather affectionately, after Elijah's half of an egg sandwich, a staple of previous fridge posts.  People, you are scaring me.

And AlisonH won for the punniest comment, as usual.  Kale 'em with kindness, AlisonH?  Really?  You should be ashamed of yourself. 

For those of you who, like Marinka and Sarah, did not understand why I would store raisins (and other baking goods) in my already overloaded refrigerator, the answer is in this post here.  Read at your own risk.

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  1. OK, yeah, that'd do it. I have a healthy dislike of bugs, if healthy dislike = complete abhorrance. I got the beginnings of a roach infestation once, meaning I saw two in a week, and when I called the exterminator and explained how many I'd seen, he actually laughed at me. But he came and took my money, anyway.

  2. Yes, I have missed the fridge posts. They make me feel I'm not alone...although lately I've been better about the fridge but then I've neglected the stovetop and the floor.

  3. I should have heeded the warning. I know how creepy crawlies can get in everything down here. Over the weekend I spilled most of a five pound bag of sugar all over my pantry. All I could think about was sugar ants. Thank God it isn't summertime or they'd have stormed the house.

  4. Your prior refrigerator posts have made me feel normal. But today? Today you post a CLEAN fridge. Pfffft. Now I feel bad.

    I refuse to click that link; my denial of bugs in my flour remains strong. Besides, we go through it so fast, we eat the larva before they hatch. That funny feeling in my stomach is NOT moths!

    We saw an inch-long roach in the band room at 1am on Sunday. Silly high schoolers argued about whether or not it was a roach but no one stomped on it. I had to step in and be the one to firmly extinguished its life. Now I have to think about the fact that there are roaches in the band room (and worse, the uniform closet where I reach quickly without looking)!

  5. Ugh. Sometimes we get bugs so large that you have to decide which part of the bug to step on. At that point, decapitating them is actually best. I get the willies just thinking about it.

    (Don't even think about googling "pasta bugs". Brr.)

  6. Okay, I'll NEVER eat uncooked raisins again. Ever.

  7. maybe having a small fridge is THE solution to weight loss?!?!? ;-)

    come to think of it, i actually have two fridges. one is turned on and cool (but empty except for the moldy cheese) and the other one is used for storage.

    the bug discussion on here is making me a little uncomfortable...pasta bugs? really? talk about rice bugs too and you've spoiled my carb-ladden diet!