Monday, March 09, 2009

Why Blog? Why Breathe?

Knitting isn't just a hobby, you know; it can also be educational. Why, just this evening I learned (after much trial and error and cursing) that 34 plus 34 plus 86 does not, in fact, add up to 160.

I think I know why it's called the Baby Surprise Jacket: it will be a big surprise if I ever manage to get past the second row.


Octamom asks today, "What inspires you to blog?" Well, the episode recounted above is a good example. If I had not been able to hope that my wasting an entire hour counting to 160 would make another knitter (or two, or three) laugh (at me, with me, who cares?), I might have impaled myself on my (surprisingly sharp) size 5 Harmony needles.

Instead, I lived to discover that 34 plus 34 plus 86 plus 3 (sk2p) plus 3 (sk2p) equals 160. And then? I went to bed. At half-past midnight.

No, half-past eleven.

No, half-past midnight.

A pox on Daylight Savings Time, I say...


  1. She cannot be happy about having her Octamom title usurped by that loony tunes who's using the moniker now.

  2. I have the same problems with cross-stitch.......count, count, count again.... damn! Perhaps that's why they call it COUNTED cross-stitch!

  3. so true. I was a reluctant convert to blogging, but like most converts I am now an overzealous nut. No thought remains unposted.

    I figure these 5 kids will need something to talk to their therapists about in years to come. And my parenting has been flawless.

  4. I appreciate your blog. Your funny and frank perspective is so refreshing. I also appreciate your comments when I stumble upon them around town. I loved the one you left for the Matron yesterday. Loved it.

  5. a pox, a hex and a thousand plagues.

  6. I can't count either, and I have a master's degree. In science!

    How are the Harmonys? Too sharp? Flexible? Should I cave?

  7. I so share your feelings on the Daylight Savings time. Hate it with passion.

  8. Another reason why I'm just a little scared to try knitting. I am not multi-talented when it comes to moving my fingers and counting. Need the fingers for that!

  9. COUNTED Cross Stitch (thank you, Karen) is difficult enough! Which explains why my husband's 10th anniversary gift hasn't been touched in the past 10 years. Maybe in time for the 25th?
    So tell me, why are you knitting these baby sweaters, anyway? Doesn't Anna want you to make something for her? ;)

  10. Last night I was doing a picot bindoff and kept forgetting if I'd bound off the five plus the two or just the five and dammit where was I again? The entire time I was worried the baby would wake up and I'd lose my place completely. I was sweating, that's how stressful it was. And knitting is supposed to be my downtime.

  11. Yes, our misery is easier to bear when we think of the resulting blog post. ;)

  12. I've never said that I can count. That's why we have 9, soon to be 10, children? LOL.

  13. @ Ann in NJ: *love* my Harmony needles. If you were in TX, I'd loan you some of mine so you could try before you buy.

    @SC: I feel your pain; I am doing the triangular set-up rows for the second incarnation/swatch of the entrelac sock. Childbirth words are on the tip of my tongue.

  14. Hate daylight savings time, too.

    Can't knit---tried at least a dozen times and I get too impatient!

    I prefer to dance around the house when I get a few moments to myself...

  15. I have a sweater done in dozens of colors that was supposed to be in the Kaffe Fassett Big Diamonds pattern. Years ago. Only, I couldn't count for the life of me, and couldn't figure out what on earth I was doing wrong. I just finally went ahead with what I had, and realized later that the top of each diamond was split in two and the bottom half was solid across, and then flipped in the next diamond over, etc.

    I later met Fassett, who was on a book tour, apologized to him for botching his pattern, (while showing off ones of his I'd done right); his face lit up and he grabbed it a moment to check it out. He liked it! Hey Mikey!

  16. So I'm actually sitting here trying to figure out what 34 and 34 and 86 add up to...this may be our math for homeschool today...

    Baby Surprise jacket indeed.


  17. My Greenjeans cardigan almost got frogged due to late-night math. Damn yarnovers.



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