Saturday, March 07, 2009

Things My Parents Never Fought About

Today's conversations:

Larry: Well, the computer's fixed; but we can't recover the files from your account. Good thing I saved them all onto this thumb drive!
Me: Oh. I thought you only saved my document folder...
Larry: Yes!
Me: So...are the
Larry: Weren't they in your folder?
Me: No. They're jpegs, not documents.
Me: The computer puts them somewhere. I didn't know I was supposed to move them.
Me: You're kidding, right? Right?


Larry: Where's the cellphone?
Me: Which one?
Larry: Mine.
Me: Last time I saw it, it was on the counter.
Larry: It's not there. Yours is there.
Me: Oh. Well, you must have put it somewhere.
Larry: Forget it - I'll just call the number.
Me: Good!
Larry: What's the number?
Me: You mean you don't know your own number? Sheesh. Here, I'll call.
Larry: How am I supposed to keep track of all these numbers?
Me: Well, why am I the one who keeps track of everything around here? It's not my job to find your phone!
Larry: Your coat is ringing...


  1. I hate writing lol, but I did laugh out loud.

  2. LOL Love it! My list would include have to include "Well you were the one who programmed the address into the GPS..did you do spell the street name wrong?"

  3. Were you hiding in my house? This sounds like conversations Kahuna and I have.

  4. The person who married us told my husband there are three words you must never forget.
    'I Love You, Right?' he asked
    'No,' said the officiator. 'You're Right Dear.'

    Sometimes he forgets.

    I was ready to chew Larry out for you, but he gave himself a little breathing room with the line. 'Your coat is ringing.' (Snort, Love It)

  5. On second thought - he lost your photo's. Time to take him to the woodshed.

  6. Heh, heh...oh how times have changed...

  7. Bwahahahaha

  8. The lost phone conversation happens at our house, except my coat never rings because the battery is dead.
    I did lose my phone at my mom's house once. When I found it there she said "That's probably why I kept hearing music coming from the couch.."

  9. And why is it that whenever anyone loses something, they automatically think that we know where it is? What, is a uterus some sort of tracking device?

  10. Have you ever wanted to find your cell phone so you could call your cell phone so you could find your cell phone?

  11. i LOVE this post!!!


  12. Whenever hubby finds my cell phone, he plugs it in to recharge and turns it off. Then, since I don't know that he mmoved it, I spend several minutes looking for it and trying to call it before I check the shelf above where the recharger is plugged in. I should just check there first.

    I've lost his phone before, also, so he is not the only forgetful one in the house. :) I just hand him mine and then call his, searching the house and cars until I hear it ring. Thank goodness my cordless phone will work in the front yard so I can check the cars.

  13. You sure are philosophical about your pictures. I'd still be in a puddle, crying hysterically. And I actually put photos on my blog!

    Off to back up everything.

  14. Makes you wonder what our kids will fight about with their spouses!?!

  15. In the last four years we have had three computers. We have an external hard drive on which all photos get backed up...Thank goodness! You MAY be able to retrieve that photos...I once reset out computer to factory settings and thought I lost everything on it. My DH was able to "find" it all. Even a hard drive which has been erased can still have all your info on it...that's how the Feds catch so many porno just can't get rid of this stuff...

  16. Ha! I bet our grandparents would never have thought they would ever hear someone say "your coat is ringing"..

  17. Is Larry just being silent, or is he being edited?

  18. ok just because i feel bad for you on your wednesday fridge fiesta.. thinking of all the good soups you could try with delicious moldy leftovers...

    here are some recipes for leftover oatmeal :)

  19. i always wonder why i'm the one who has to keep track of everything. i mean, didn't my husband used to live alone?

  20. Uh-oh. That sounds very familiar...