Saturday, March 14, 2009

Doing Our Part

It's difficult trying to prepare for and entertain 20 people while your husband keeps trying to get your attention:

The garage called; they want 4000 dollars to fix the '96 Odyssey.
Are those your boots? Can I put them away?

10 minutes later:

Should we buy new or used?
I didn't know we had any money. Did you make the decaf coffee?

20 minutes later:

The Smiths got a Sienna, Greg said.
His wife told him to. Can't you get the kids out of here?

Let's review our personal stimulus package, folks: new brake rotors, impending new furnace, computer repair, a laptop computer, a truckload of topsoil, and (any minute now) a new stove to replace our 26-year-old kitchen range whose burners heat up when they darn well want to...all in the interest of helping out our moribund economy. You would think that would be enough, wouldn't you?

But, no - the Dow is still floundering and unemployment rates continue to rise. Without our help, the entire country could sink into a morass so deep it will make the Depression look like a cakewalk. Apparently, Larry and I are going to have to pull out all the stops and purchase a brand new car.

That is, as soon as we sell some of the children for medical experiments...we seem to be a tad short of cash...

[For any of my Catholic friends: Remember - the next scene in the movie makes fun of those repressed Protestants. Monty Python was an equal-opportunity offender.]


  1. Ouch.

    I have a Sienna and I really like it. We never buy new though--we buy lease turn-ins that are 1 to 2 years old. It's worked out great for us.

    We've been doing our part for the economy too, courtesy of a nice tax refund. You feel a little guilty if you don't buy something when you have the cash.

  2. Hey, I was just told my 97 Stratus needs 4,000 worth of work too! Must be a trend. lol.

  3. We are trying to buy a house to accommodate the expansion of people. Does that count? Because I soooo think it does. Although, when I bought my 06 Chevy Uplander at the end of 06 (used with less than 14K miles on it even), I really wanted an Odyssey or Sienna.

  4. You and me both. Together our influence should have jump-started the whole sour economy a couple of months ago.

    Oh, and when you find a reputable medical testing clinic let me know. I've got a couple of kids I'd like to offload as well.

  5. I hate it when cars break. We have usually fixed them, but there does come a point when it is not worth throwing money at a car that will have more problems again soon. The 85 oldsmobile we gave my brother in 2001, it ran for him far 2 more years, with minimal cash put in. However, we had put $3000 into it over the last 2 years before we bought the 96 suburban and gave him the old vehicle.

  6. We've done our part to help stimulate the economy just by buying clothes and shoes for our 13 year old son who has had a huge growth spurt this year.

  7. On behalf of the American public-thank you for keeping the economy going. :) And my mom also has a Sienna and loves it.

  8. Like Jenn, we have a history of buying program vehicles. Why not let someone else pay for the devaluation that happens the instant you drive a new car off the lot?
    I had a love-hate relationship with our 2000 Odyssey, but I've been really happy with our Kia Sedona (it also comes with a great warranty).

    I think it's time to watch that Monty Python movie again.

  9. Heh, of my favorites---the video, that is...
    Even though I do love my
    Prius---which is a year old in a month. I have to get a new car every five years, as I put so many miles on them----with my gig driving.

    Well...thats what I tell myself.

  10. We have a '96 Odyssey too, and it's going in for repairs o Wednesday...I hope it's not a trend. But we're in Australia so any repair $$ won't do much for the American economy.

  11. I have to join with Amy in thanking you for all you do to make a better America for the rest of us. You are wonderful people.

    I would love to get a sienna, but I am stuck with the 2004 Oldsmobile Alero that I offered to give to my 15 year-old daughter, but she doesn't want "that crappy car." Now she doesn't get "that crappy car (which is really a good car)" and I have to find another excuse to get a car!

  12. I think you're doing a great job of carrying your share of the stimulus spending burden. We're going to order some dirt, mulch, 2 new doors, a concrete patch, a blacktop patch, and perform the $800 overhaul on D's Taurus. I bet there's a blip on the DOW tomorrow just because of us;)

  13. I am so glad to see you are doing your part and then some. We won't even be seeing any $ from the government!